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    Ridwan Kamil's Batik is Exhibited in Legenda Batik Nusantara


    BANDUNG – Garuda Kujang Kencana Batik and Ironman Batik which are more famous as Telor Ceplok Batik by West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil were exhibited at West Java Regional National Crafts Council (Dekranasda) stand, at the Legenda Batik Nusantara  Exhibition at Graha Manggala Siliwangi Bandung on Wednesday ( 01/30/2019).

    Chairperson of West Java Dekranasda Atalia Praratya Kamil who attended the opening of the exhibition said, Ridwan Kamil Batik will not be launched on the market. Therefore, this batik is not sold anywhere and can be obtained through Dekranasda Jabar.

    Atalia said, the husband is indeed a hobby of designing anything, including batik. Initially, said Atalia, Kang Emil - Ridwan Kamil's familiar greeting - designed the batik for his own use through Batik Komar and Batik Trusmi, but it turned out that the public interest was quite high.

    "Kang Emil is a designer, he is an architect but is very happy to design anything, including designing his own batik. So some time ago in collaboration with Batik Komar, Batik Trusmi and others, Kang Emil designed only to be used for himself, but the enthusiasm of the people was extraordinary, even the fake ones were everywhere, "Atalia said after the opening ceremony. .

    "There will be no launch. Therefore, (batik RK) will be present in certain places only, or even can only be accessed through Dekranasda West Java Province, "he said.

    More specifically, Atalia claimed to be very appreciative of this batik exhibition event. According to him, exhibitions like this not only foster a sense of love for local products, but also able to boost the spirit of craftsmen and business people in the field of craft and fashion.

    "In addition to loving and preserving national culture, but also the most important thing is to continue to support the economy of the community, especially in the field of craft and fashion. So I appreciate, extraordinary. Hopefully we can continue to encourage all citizens of West Java to work, "he said.

    This Legend Nusantara Batik Exhibition presents more than 80 batik stands, crafts, and culinary. Not only from West Java, this exhibition also involves selected products from all over Indonesia, such as Central Java, East Java, Palembang, NTT, and others. Scheduled, this exhibition will be held until 3 February.

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