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    First in Indonesia, West Java Now Has a Communication Forum for the Head of Early Childhood Education and Community Education


    West Bandung Regency - Of the approximately 9 million toddlers throughout West Java, only 11% or around 900,000 of them are served by Early Childhood Education (PAUD). Therefore, a communication forum is needed to develop equal distribution of PAUD and Community Education (Dikmas) institutions.

    First in Indonesia, West Java through the Center for PAUD Development and Dikmas confirmed the management of the Communication Forum Head of the West Java Dikmas PAUD Division for the period 2019-2021, at PP PAUD & Dikmas Jabar, Jl. Jayagiri No.63 Lembang, Wednesday (30/01/19).

    The West Java PAUD Atalia Praratya Kamil mother who attended the event said that the low PAUD participation rate was caused by several factors, namely the limited number of PAUD service institutions, the limited number of quality PAUD educators, lack of awareness from families and stakeholders on the importance of PAUD, and it is wrong to focus on PAUD education material which tends to refer to calistung.

    "The inauguration of this communication forum is important, because I just read the data that in West Java alone, only 11% of toddlers are served PAUD, meaning that only 900,000 of them should be around 9 million toddlers," Atalia concluded in her speech.

    "In West Java not all kelurahan and villages have PAUD institutions. Then it turns out that quality PAUD educators are still limited. There is also my concern that PAUD teaching which is supposed to be 80% is to build attitudes, it turns out that it is still focused on calistung, "he explained.

    Atalia revealed, it plans to tour West Java to review directly to PAUD institutions. The aim is to directly record the problems, constraints, needs, even potential of all PAUD institutions.

    "God willing, starting this February I, together with the Office of Education and the Office of Communication and Information of West Java Province, will travel throughout West Java for this one year, maybe every two weeks. We will immediately attend PAUD institutions so that we can see what needs to be encouraged, what is the problem, or what is the potential of PAUD institutions in the Regency and City areas, "Atalia said.

    Regarding Dikmas, Atalia offered PP PAUD Dikmas to work together in the success of the Sekoper Cinta program (Women's School Achieves Dreams and Dreams). According to him, this program will encourage the formation of knowledgeable women who will be able to educate and encourage their children to want to learn and also dream that they are able to reach their dreams.

    "God willing, this activity (the Sekoper Cinta training) will begin this year to all 27 cities / regencies through the P2WKSS program (Increasing the Role of Women to a Healthy Family), so that there will be 100 women starting to get teaching related to this cooperative," he said.

    Furthermore, Head of PP PAUD Dikmas West Java Bambang Winarji said, the communication forum that had just been confirmed would facilitate coordination between the West Java provision government and the Regency / City government, especially those related to ECD.

    As the first communication forum for the head of PAUD and Dikmas in Indonesia, he wanted this communication forum to become an example for other provinces. Bambang also hopes that this communication forum will immediately compile its work program to bring a positive impact on the progress of PAUD and Dikmas in West Java.

    "(Communication forum) This will facilitate the coordination between the provincial offices as an extension of the governor's hand, in delivering his vision and mission and there is a clue on PAUD from the provincial level to the City / Regency," said Bambang.

    "With this forum, we hope that hopefully it will bring the impact of the progress of PAUD and Dikmas in West Java Province, and of course, immediately arrange a schedule and program of activities that refer to in accordance with the government's vision and mission," he hoped.

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