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    Teacher Profession Development Being Needs


    CIREBON-There are a large number of teachers, both in cities and in remote areas that do not have the opportunity for continuous professional development (PKB). In fact, teachers are the key to quality education.

    Teachers should be available in sufficient quality, and have adequate capabilities. It is necessary for efforts to improve the pedagogical, contents competence, interpersonal skills, personal attitudes and skills, have the knowledge, both in skills and a good attitude. Mark Heyward, adviser to USAID PRIORITI of governance and management of education,  said the strategic planning workshop continuing professional development of teachers (PKB) in Cirebon, West Java, on Monday (14/3).

    The workshop was organised jointly by the Agency for International Development (USAID), through the program PRIORITY (prioritising Reform, Innovation, and Opportunity for reaching Indonesia's Teachers, Administrators, and Students), with the government of West Java Province to develop strategies for professional development continuing teacher (PKB).

    Erna Irnawati, coordinator of USAID PRIORITI West Java mentioned the teacher profession is now become the focus by government and all stakeholders of national education. According to him, the teacher should not be left behind on the progress and are required to keep updating its profession to provide space-time learning conducive to the learners.

    The UKG result increasing in 2012 (47 partners) to average 57 partners in 2015. "These increase showed a positive correlation between the level of commitment of USAID PRIORITY regional approach with increased of UKG result," said Erna.

    Furthermore Erna viewed the main weakness of the teachers, which according to the results of UKG, is a pedagogical aspect, which later became the main focus of USAID in developing the professionalism of teachers.

    In order on PKB, all local USAID partners have planned increase in the number of district facilitators to allow dissemination of USAID PRIORITI program in more massive to reach all teachers. Each regional partners has also designed the formation of clusters models and school / madrasah models outside USAID partners to promote the dissemination.
    The realisation of the dissemination USAID program in 2015, the highest regional partners using funds of PMPTK which come from Bekasi regency of 8.7 M. The highest partner using the BOS fund was Sukabumi which amounted to 10.6 M. Meanwhile, the highest regional partners using teacher certification allowance funds are Tasikmalaya and Garut reaching 12 M.

    It was presented by the stakeholders of education in West and twelve municipalities as USAID partners, which is directly related to improving the quality and capacity of teachers. Participants of the workshop included representatives of education department, the ministry of religion, Bappeda, LPMP (Education Quality Assurance Agency), P4TK (Centre for Development and Empowerment of Teachers and Education Personnel), and universities.

    Heyward further said that the PKB planning should based on information and analysis on what training needs and who need to be trained, how much money is needed and where the source of funds. Each local district / city, must be planning this PKB in line with the context, needs and potential in each region.




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