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    Besides the Economic Motives, Batik is also Motivated by Education


    BANDUNG-Chairperson of West Java Dekranasda Atalia Praratya Kamil stressed that batik not only can produce the economy but also media education. This was revealed by Atalia when opening a batik exhibition with the theme of the Legend of Nusantara Batik at Graha Manggala Siliwangi aceh street Bandung, Wednesday (01/30/2019).

    "West Java can be proud because the wealth of batik motifs is owned by each city district in West Java. But actually no less important than that is batik as a medium of education," he said.

    The educational media that Atalia refers to is that batik can tell the culture of each region, so that the community, especially the younger generation, will become more familiar with their area and have their own pride.

    "In batik, we can also know local wisdom about regional excellence that can be reflected in batik," he explained.

    On that occasion, Atalia also introduced batik motifs created by her husband, Ridwan Kamil, Governor of West Java.

    "Kang Emil is an architect who also likes to design things including batik motifs. Yes, finally it was used for his own use, but after being posted on social media, there were many people who were interested. The batik motif was named Iron Man and can only be obtained at West Java Dekranasda," concluded Atalia, who is also familiarly called Bu Cinta.

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