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    Extending Immunization Services, Bio Farma Launches Imunicare


    BANDUNG-Bio Farma introduced the latest immunization service under the name Imunicare, to the people of Bandung, beginning with "Adventure of Immunization with Imunicare". The event, which was a Soft launching of Imunicare, was held on Sunday, January 27, 2019, by inviting 10 community of mothers and toddlers and several running communities in the city of Bandung with various activities that build the creativity of children and toddlers.

    Imunicare's socialization was also conducted at the moment of the 2019 Action Plan Work Meeting, Monday 28 January 2019 by M. Rahman Roestan, Director of Bio Farma accompanied by the Board of Directors, witnessed by the Assistant Deputy of Agro & Pharmaceutical Industry 2 Ministry of BUMN, Agus Suharyono.

    According to Bio Farma Marketing Director, Sri Harsi Teteki, Imunicare is an effort from Bio Farma to participate in nourishing the Indonesian people through immunization.

    "Imunicare is a service from the Bio Farma immunization clinic that aims to bring services to the community closer, so that people get access and solutions to improve immunity, which of course at affordable prices and the availability of complete types of vaccines, and guaranteed the quality and authenticity of the products," said Teki, Sri Harsi Teteki's nickname.
    Teki added, with the new Imunicare service, which is based on Customer Focus and Friendly Experience, people of all ages do not need to worry and be afraid to get immunizations.

    Meanwhile, Head of Bio Farma's Division of Clinical & Immunization Unit Division, Tjut Vina said, Immunization services in Imunicare are not limited to toddlers only, but can also be used for adults. "With the Solution to Immunity tagline, we are especially present for people who will be traveling abroad, including vaccines for the Hajj and Umrah services," he said.

    "We have collaborated with the Port Health Office (KKP), so that the Meningitis vaccination service can be done in Imunicare. In addition to vaccination for Hajj / Umrah, Imunicare also has vaccines needed for travelers, or those who will study abroad, who require certain vaccines, "Tjut Vina said.
    Tjut Vina added that the addition of these services is not only giving immunization, but also the addition of vaccines such as meningitis vaccines needed by prospective pilgrims to Hajj and Umrah, as well as vaccines for activists traveling.

    Through the supply of quality vaccines and guaranteed authenticity, Imunicare services are currently located on Pasteur Street No 28 Bandung, in the future, will serve the entire country, thereby helping increase access to vaccines and encourage national immunization coverage of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia. (Even)

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