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    Solution for Construction of Kuningan Reservoir, Secretary Iwa Asking Opinion of High Court and KPK


    BANDUNG - Regional Secretary (Sekda) of West Java Province, Iwa Karniwa, said the Kuningan Dam construction project in Randusari Village, Cibeureum Subdistrict, Kuningan Regency reached 88.35 percent at this time.

    "The Kuningan Dam will be useful for irrigating 3,000 ha of rice fields, consisting of 1,000 ha for the Kuningan area and 2,000 ha for the Brebes region, Central Java," said Iwa at the Kuningan Reservoir Problem Discussion Meeting at Sanggabuana Meeting Room Gedung Sate, Tuesday (29 / 01/19).

    In addition, said Iwa, also as flood control a number of 429 m3 or about 67 percent, as raw water 300 liters per second and as electricity as much as 500 kw.

    But as time went on there were still obstacles in its development projects, namely land acquisition that had not yet been completed. Related to some people who want to move directly to one village.

    "So there are two RTs who want to move but not yet in Kawungsari Village which is outside the inundation boundary," he said.

    "This is what is being sought for a solution. If it's still not released anyway, the community will be isolated. Later the costs will be much greater, because the facilities and infrastructure must also be prepared," he continued.

    So Iwa also explained two solutions to this problem. Ie asked for a legal opinion to TP4D (Guards Team and Government Security and Regional Development) at Kejati and requested advice and input from the West Java KPK Kopsugah.

    "Later the results of our legal opinion will be reported and proposed to the Governor as part of the West Java Provincial Government's contribution to Kuningan Regency," said Iwa.

    "Thus, from all aspects of this law, it will be possible to implement the BBWS, Pemprov and Kuningan Districts," he explained.

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