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    Complete list of APPSI Awards winners


    SURABAYA-West Java Provincial Government received an award at the APPSI Governor Awards, Adhi Purna Prima Category, in the Creative Economy Sector, with the Bandung Silicon Valley program, and the construction of the Creative Economy Center in 27 Cities / Regencies in West Java.

    The award was initiated by the Indonesian Provincial Government Association (APPSI) in collaboration with The Jawa Pos Institute of Pro-Autonomy (JPIP), submitted by the Minister of Home Affairs, Tjahjo Kumolo, and Managing Director of Jawa Pos, Leak Kustiyo, and was received directly by the Governor of West Java, Mochamad Ridwan Kamil, at the Shangri-La Hotel Surabaya, Monday (28/01/19) night.

    "West Java won awards for its privilege in the field of creative innovation, one of which is the hi-tech industry centers, which are called Bandung Silicon Valley, or Techno Park," said Governor Ridwan Kamil.

    In addition, the planned construction of the Creative Economy Center in all 27 cities / regencies in West Java, also received a positive assessment. The creative economy developed, in line with the vision of the West Java mission in the future which will also focus on the creative economy on a digital and technological basis.

    Economic growth, continued Emil, comes from many factors, one of which is innovation. The investment that is becoming a trend today is technology based.

    "With technology, it will have added value. People in West Java are motivated to have higher education so that their qualifications can compete globally," he said.

    Emil, the Governor's nickname, also claimed to be studying in other Provinces, to also advance in other development fields.

    "Fastabiqul khairat Leadership, all compete in goodness, learn from each other, and inspire each other," he said.

    "There is an APPSI Governor organization that provides a lot of development coordination, and also an appreciation for provinces that have leaps and bounds," Emil continued.

    The Chairperson of APPSI, who is also the Governor of East Java, Soekarwo, explained that APPSI must play a role in strengthening synergy and connectivity between regions.

    APPSI is expected to become a forum for leadership interaction. This can be done through the management of the provincial government and management of regional potential for community welfare.

    "APPSI is also a bridge to the Province with the Center," he said.

    The goal is to create a clean, effective, confident, creative and responsible local government to make regional autonomy successful (otda).

    "The Governor is the representative of the Central Government in the region. The Governors must try to do something extraordinary," said Pakde Karwo, his nickname.

    So it is important according to Pakde Karwo, to create a "data center" about Indonesian companies to reduce imports and substitution of commodities.

    "There needs to be a data base between regions, so that we have benefits between regions and other regions," he said.

    The Director of Jawa Pos, Leak Kustiyo, said that the Awards or Awards given were a form of "respect" to the Governor who had worked hard to serve the people of the nation and the country.

    "Managing the trillion funds for years, 'the 16 million 18 sprains have also been able to collapse the image of the Governor and his families," Leak said.

    "Then the Governor Award aims to appreciate the Government's performance, improve the positive image of the government in the eyes of the public, and the achievements will be emulated by other provinces," he said.

    Leak stated that a series of assessment stages had been carried out by a team of judges who were also experts. The governor with the highest achievement will receive an award consisting of 19 fields in 2 categories, Adhi Purna Karya Award and Adhi Purna Prima Award.

    Since 2018, field research and data collection have been conducted by the Tunas Muda team. They also examined official and relevant data, as well as a track record of provincial reporting for the past few years.

    Meanwhile, the award in the Adhi Purna Karya Award category, aimed at the Governor who successfully led and created until the end of his administration, and Adhi Purna Prima Award, was for the Governor who succeeded in leading until his leadership continued.

    "Continue to be populist and heartened, the Governor is the human choice," he said.

    Here is a list of awards:

    - Adhi Purna Karya Award
    1. Field of Government
    Nominee: West Java, East Java, South Sulawesi
    Winner: East Java (Continuous innovation in all sectors)

    2. Economics
    Nominee: Jambi, East Java, West Sumatra
    Winner: West Sumatra (Minang Mart and Generasi Pertanian)

    3. Social Affairs
    Nominee: Papua, Maluku, North Sulawesi
    Winner: Papua (Building a community, and combating alcohol)

    4. Culture
    Nominee: Central Kalimantan, Riau, Riau Islands
    Winner: Kepulauan Riau (History and tradition guarding, and penyengat island)

    5. Field of Food Security
    Nominee: South Kalimantan, Gorontalo, Central Sulawesi
    Winner: Gorontalo (Optimizing corn production)

    6. MSME Sector
    Nominee: Central Java, North Makuku, Banten
    Winner: Central Java (Employing the economy of the young people)

    - Adhi Purna Prima Award
    1. The Field of Creative Industry
    Nominee: West Java, Bali, North Sumatra
    Winner: West Java (Bandung Silicon Valley, the center of creative economy in 27 cities / districts)

    2. Tourism
    Nominee: Southeast Sulawesi, NTT, NTB
    Winner: NTB (Halal Tourism and Mandalika Area)

    3. Human Development
    Nominee: Riau Islands, Bali, East Kalimantan
    Winner: East Kalimantan (Scholarship to complete our dreams)

    4. Education
    Nominee: South Sumatra, West Kalimantan, North Kalimantan
    Winner: West Kalimantan (12-year Geratis School, educating the nation on the Border)

    5. Health Sector
    Nominee: Maluku, Aceh, East Kalimantan
    Winner: Maluku (archipelago based health services)

    6. Trade Sector
    Nominee: Banten, South Sulawesi, Maluku
    Winner: South Sulawesi (Hub for Eastern Indonesia)

    7. Agriculture
    Nominee: South Sumatra, Bengkulu, West Sulawesi
    Winner: West Sulawesi (Integration of Corn, Cocoa, Palm) commodities

    8. Fisheries and Marine Affairs
    Nominee: Lampung, Bangka Belitung, Southeast Sulawesi
    Winner: Lampung (Biggest Shrimp Farming Contribution)

    9. Field of Environment
    Nominee: West Papua, East Java, West Sumatra
    Winner: West Papua (Spirit of Sustainable Lecture)

    10. Field of Public Services
    Nominee: West Java, East Java, North Kalimantan
    Winner: North Kalimantan (Spirit Service Prima Province of the Youngest)

    11. Poverty Alleviation Sector
    Nominee: North Sulawesi, Southeast Sulawesi, Papua
    Winner: North Sulawesi (Continues to skyrocket at one digit level)

    12. Field of Inclusiveness
    Nominee: DIY, East Java, Bali
    Winner: DIY (Steady Roadmap Inclusivity)

    13. Field of Community Participation
    Nominee: DIY, DKI Jakarta, North Kalimantan
    Winner: DKI Jakarta (highest democracy index)

    - Life time Achievement
    Given to the Governor of East Java, with the "Track record" of leadership, guarding the tradition of competition, it should be an example for other regions.

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