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    Pajale Successfully Planted in 2016


    BANDUNG-Bandung District Government has set in 2016 as the year of the successful to plant rice, corn and soybeans (pajale). Supporting these plan, now has started planting rice with implementing ‘Jajar Legowo' hybrid rice and inhibrida of ± 22,500 Ha.

    Besides planting rice, it also conducted intensification of 5500 ha of hybrid corn and soybean acreage of 650 ha and the addition of 500 hectares of cassava. "For setting irrigation, we do also rehabilitation of irrigation system covering an area of 450 Ha sourced from Bandung district budget plus the rehabilitation of tertiary ferocement pattern of 3,500 hectares with funds sourced from the state budget," said Head of Agriculture, Plantation and Forestry, Bandung District Ir. H. A. Tisna Umaran, MP, on Thursday (17/3).

    Other support for the crop pajale success in Bandung, including the provision of assistance of agricultural machinery in the form of 56 units pump derived from the budget and the state budget, 98 units of tractor, 8 units of Combine Harvester rice, 15 units of Power Thresher, 1 unit of Corn Combine Harvester, 24 units of Corn sheller and 2 units of Power Thresher multi-use.

    "With the availability of these tools, farmers will be easier and more practical when planting or harvesting corn. The costs would become cheaper,” said H.A. Tisna Umaran.

    He said the results of the plant pajale evaluation in 2015 acquired the target data area of 508,241 ha of paddy production reached 546,594 ha while the realisation of the productivity objectives as much as 62.62 quintals/ha and the realisation of 63.84 quintals/ha.

    HA. Tisna Umaran admitted paddy rice production every year is always above the target. Bandung Regency is still able to export rice out of the area such as to Cipinang Market in Jakarta. "Achievement of the rice crop is unfortunately can not be equaled by corn crop since 2015, was hitting by long drought. The goal of corn production in 2015 covering an area of 80 278 ha, while the realisation was only reached 43,494 hectares,” he said anyway.

    The decrease of corn production admitted by the Head of the Ministry of Agriculture Quarantine Agency, Ir. Banun Harpini, M.Sc said the production of maize in West Java decreased about 200,000 tons due to of the weather. "In 2016 hopefully pajale in West Java could increase again. Because based on an estimate of BMKG mentioned that began in early May will enter a wet dry season, where the farmers can take advantage to snatch cropping systems,” said Ir. Banun Harpini, M.Sc while watching declaration of Movements Corn Harvest in the village of the District Margaasih Cicalengka, Wednesday (16/3).

    According to Bandung Regent H. Dadang M. Naser, SH., S.IP., M.Ipol, the successful of pajale in 2016 continue within the framework of the major project to achieve the food sovereignty. "Judging from the natural resources and human resources in Bandung Regency is highly available. What is needed now is an increase from the aspect of technology,” he says.


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