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    Governor: Construction of Sheikh Ajlin Mosque Has Five Dome Designs


    BANDUNG - The First Great Mosque of Indonesia in Gaza Palestine or Sheikh Ajlin Mosque to be built in Palestine has five domes according to the wishes of the people of Gaza, compared to other designs offered to the Gazans by the Governor of West Java, Mochamad Ridwan Kamil, who also designed the mosque.

    According to the Governor, the construction of the mosque was carried out because most of the mosques in Gaza had been largely destroyed by the conflict between Palestine and Israel, which until now had not subsided.

    "Development is carried out because mosques are destroyed by war, they worship in tents and it is only natural for ukhuwah Islamiah to cross national borders, in a country that is today difficult from various things including the existence of mosques," he said.

    The governor stated, the design of Sheikh Ajlin Mosque was made for comfort and according to the zeal of the Gazans so that several designs were proposed to the people of Gaza, they preferred the design of a domed mosque.

    "We offer 4 mosque designs and the 5 main dome concepts that symbolize the pillars of Islam they choose, designing mosques in people's countries is not easy, expectations are different, so I gave a choice and was chosen and agreed," said the Governor, at Majid Salman ITB on Sunday (01/27).

    The governor explained, for the walls of the Mosque Sheikh Ajlin described the reliefs of the Asmaul Husna inspired by the calligraphy at the Salman Mosque in ITB where the calligraphy was not curved but perpendicular and broken.

    Meanwhile, the Palestinian Safe Director of Indonesia, Miftahuddin Kamil, said that the mosque designed by Ridwan Kamil would be built in the former Sheikh Ajlin Mosque which was destroyed by war or about 50 kilometers from Gaza City.

    "The mosque that will be built is in the Gaza Strip and about 50 meters close to the Mediterranean Sea," he said. (Parno)

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