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    BTN Supports the SOE Program in Islamic Nexgen Festival 2019


    BANDUNG-PT Bank Tabungan Negara (Persero) Tbk supports a program initiated by the Republic of Indonesia SOE Ministry in Islamic Nexgen Festival held in the city of Parahyangan, Bandung Sunday (1/27).

    Bank BTN President Director Maryono welcomed the activity which was focused on encouraging the creativity of young people as millennial generations now.

    "We support this activity and we hope that this activity will get a positive response, especially the melenial in the city of Bandung," Maryono said after accompanying BUMN Minister Rini M Soemarno at the event.

    Also present at this event were a number of Regional Government Officials in Bandung and the Managing Directors of BUMN and thousands of millennial young people in the city of Bandung.

    The Nexgen Fes Islamic Program was initiated by the Indonesian Ministry of BUMN in collaboration with the Spirit of Millennial supported by all BUMNs by involving young people as millennial generations.

    This activity is dedicated to the generation of millennial Muslims throughout Indonesia. The grand event aims to be a venue for talent and creativity in the three competitions contested, including the Young Hijab, Islamic Tone, and Santripreneur.

    Based on data from the National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas) in 2018, of Indonesia's total population of 265 million, Indonesian millennials or residents aged 20 to 35 years amounted to 63 million.

    As one of the countries with the largest Muslim population in the world, the generation of Indonesian millennial Muslims is one of the cornerstones and determinants of Indonesia in the future. Especially with increasing economic growth every year, it is certain that this millennial generation will develop Indonesia's future in all fields to become a developed and large country in the future.

    The challenge now is how to educate and encourage the millennial generation to be able to develop their potential to the fullest. That is why the Islamic Nexgen Festival is very strategic in order to spur the creativity of millennial Muslim generations as well as its role as an agent of change in Indonesia.

    "Through the Islamic Nexgen Fest event, it is hoped that the younger generation can find many potentials that we will develop. Hopefully, a generation of millennial Muslims can play an active role in building the country through the positive contributions and achievements they provide," said the Minister ) Republic of Indonesia Rini M Soemarno.

    In Islamic Nexgen Festival, millennial Muslims will compete in three different types of competitions namely the Young Hijab (talented and inspiring Muslim), Nadi Islami (Islamic religious musicians) and Santriprenur (entrepreneurial spirit students). Each of these competitions will give birth to different talents ranging from music, creation and business. With the hope that these new talents can inspire other millennial Muslims throughout Indonesia.

    "Hopefully this event can inspire other millennial Muslims to start exploring the potential they have and create more, so that their potential indirectly becomes a real contribution to a better Indonesia," said Rini M Soemarno. Jo

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