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    Sakip Award 2018, West Java Once Again Achieves "A" Predicate


    BANDUNG - The West Java Provincial Government won the "A" value for the report on the evaluation of the Government Institution Performance Accountability System (Sakip) in 2018.

    Empowering state apparatus for bureaucratic reform Minister Syafruddin handed over the 2018 Sakip Award to the Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil at the Appreciation and Submission of Reports on the Evaluation of the Performance Accountability System of Government Agencies in 2018 Provincial, Regency and City Governments in Region I at Trans Luxury Hotel, Gatot Subroto Street, Bandung, Monday (1/28/19).

    A total of 10 provincial governments and 94 regency and city governments in Region I received reports on the evaluation of Government Institution Performance Accountability Systems in 2018. This appreciation was given not to compete between provincial, district / city governments in Indonesia. However, to map the level of implementation of government performance in the region.

    As the host, in his speech West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil stressed that Sakip's evaluation must be fought. For this reason, the state apparatus must learn a lot and consult directly with the empowering state apparatus for bureaucratic reform Ministry.

    According to Emil, Ridwan Kamil's nickname, the absorption of a good budget must be followed by the implementation of activities that have a positive impact on the region and the community.

    Emil added that for regencies / cities in West Java there was an increase. There are no more districts / cities that get C or CC. Emil said, this indicates that development in West Java is in accordance with planning and felt directly by the community.

    "This indicates that development in West Java is appropriate (planning), there are no more wasteful budgets, unnecessary budgets," stealth "budgets. Because the value of B ensures that what is planned and visualized is appropriate, "explained Emil.

    Meanwhile, in his speech empowering state apparatus for bureaucratic reform Minister Syafruddin invited regional heads to work and implement programs effectively and efficiently, and the benefits from the regions and the community could be felt directly.

    "At this time it is time not only to carry out an activity program, but to implement the program effectively and efficiently. Ensuring budget savings, and eliminating activities is not important," Syafruddin requested.

    In addition, Syafruddin also emphasized that the performance of government officials must be more innovative and creative in running the government, so that they will quickly and accurately touch the expectations of society.

    He considered that Sakip has been proven to be able to save a budget of up to trillions of rupiah, so that it can prevent potential budget waste. For Region I, the budget saved through Sakip is more than Rp 110 Trillion.

    "For that, I ask the governors for their staff to help districts / cities that want assistance. In order to reduce the burden on Kemenpan RB," he said.

    Sakip assessment indicators include efficiency in running the government, e-budgeting and e-personnel which will have an impact on budget efficiency. This efficient budget is used for the benefit of the entire community.

    Syafruddin also revealed that for regional governments that get A and BB or B scores will get incentives from the Central Government. While those who still get C and D scores will get punishment.

    "There are still a number of C and D scores, the punishment is not getting incentives, we will calculate the fiscal later," he said.

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