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    These are the Five Samsat Motor Vehicle Tax Service Innovations


    BANDUNG CITY-As a form of implementation of the theory of Bureaucracy 3.0 or Dynamic Bureaucracy, the Regional Government of West Java Province has again launched a public service innovation. This time for the payment of Motor Vehicle Tax (PKB), namely West Java Samsat Ngabret (Samsat J'Bret) which has 5 (five) service innovations.

    These five service innovations can be used by taxpayers who want to make annual West Java PKB payments in the West Java Regional Police. Among them:

    1. Payment of PKB and SWDKLLJ through Bank Bjb Teller;
    2. Payment of PKB and SWDKLLJ through Startup Industry (Fintech) Financial Technology such as Tokopedia, Kaspro, Bukalapak, through Payment Point Online Bank (PPOB) and through Modern Outlets such as Alfamart, Alfamidi, and Indomaret;
    3. Electronic Payment Obligation Assessment Letter (e-SKKP);
    4. Printing Validation of Ratification of STNK Electronic (e-Saharan) through the application of the West Java Samsat Mobile (SAMBARA); and
    5. Ratification of the vehicle registration by the Sector Police Unit in all West Java Regional Police jurisdictions by scanning the QR Code through the SAMBARA Application.

    Together with the bureaucratic reform empowerment of state apparatus Minister, the West Java Regional Police Chief, and the heads of relevant agencies, West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil launched an innovation in J'Bret Samsat services in Gedung Sate, Bandung, Monday (1/28/19).

    "We are here experimenting with Dynamic Bureaucracy or Bureaucracy 3.0, namely entrusting development matters not necessarily by the bureaucratic unit," said Emil, Ridwan Kamil's nickname in his speech.

    "So we invite all people to participate in the development program, so that not all must be under the control of the government," he continued.

    Furthermore, Emil said that his party was also experimenting to visit the community directly in carrying out services. In this case, it is not the people who come to the country anymore. One of the implementations is by implementing J'Bret Samsat service innovation.

    "The state must be present or come not always the people who come," Emil said.

    "Hopefully people feel their lives are more productive and the time is not up to waiting for other things," he added.

    This service innovation also received appreciation from the Central Government. PAN Minister RB Syafruddin said that this innovation was one form of open government carried out by the Regional Government of West Java Province.

    "What was presented by the West Java Provincial Government and other relevant agencies that we need to appreciate," said Syafruddin.

    "One form of open government, the state is as wide as possible to the public and the public wants to participate in what the country wants to do," he continued.

    In open government, the government or state needs to be open to anything. This has been applied by several countries in the world, both developed and developing countries.

    "We as state apparatus and our government facilitate between the public's wishes and the desires of our country to be close. This is one indicator of public service," he explained.

    According to Syafruddin the current community needs fast service. Moreover, the population in West Java reaches almost 50 million people. J'Bret Samsat is a unique innovation that needs to be adopted at the national level.

    "Now the community does not need to struggle with the system, procedures, everything can be innovated. This (Samsat J'Bret) is unique and needs to be adopted by the national, "he said.

    Meanwhile, in his speech the West Java Regional Police Chief Inspector General of Police. Agung Budi Maryoto said, that the innovation of Samsat J'Bret was an elaboration of the Nawacita program related to improving public services. This is a breakthrough made by West Java.

    "This program is a series of activities which are the direction of the President (Joko Widodo) through the Nawacita program, which is to improve the quality of public services," said the Chief of Regional Police.

    J'Bret Samsat is one of the innovations from the Team of Samsat Trustees of West Java Province which consists of the West Java Provincial Government represented by the West Java Provincial Revenue Agency, West Java Regional Police, and PT Jasa Raharja (Persero) West Java Branch which is packaged in a Cooperation Agreement between the Team of Trustees of Samsat, West Java Province and PT Bank Pembangunan Daerah West Java and Banten, Tbk.

    The mechanism for payment of Motor Vehicle Tax (PKB) and Road Traffic Accident Funding Donations (SWDKLLJ) through J'Bret Samsat Service Innovation can be described as follows:
    a. The community / taxpayer downloads the West Java Samsat Mobile Application (SAMBARA) to obtain the Pay Code. The pay code in the SAMBARA application is obtained by the steps as illustrated below:
    b. After obtaining the Pay Code, the community / taxpayers can make PKB and SWDKLLJ payments at:
    - Bank teller bjb;
    - Modern outlets (minimarkets), such as: Alfamart, Alfamidi, and Indomaret;
    - Payment Online Point Bank (PPOB) with Pro Cash operators;
    - Financial Technology Start Up industries such as: Tokopedia and Bukalapak;
    c. Printing of Payment Obligation Letter (SKKP) can be done in all Samsat service centers, while electronic SKKP (e-SKKP) can be printed on its own via the SAMBARA Application or at the bank's Customer Service counter bjb;
    d. The approval of the annual STNK can be done electronically at the Bank Customer Service bjb counter, and conventionally in all Samsat service centers and in the Police Sector Unit in the West Java Regional Police.

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