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    The Rapid Train Project Progress Is Significant


    BANDUNG - The Jakarta-Bandung Rapid Kareta development project has experienced significant progress. West Java Regional Secretary Iwa Karniwa said that significant progress was included in the agreement between a mining company and the KCIC project.

    "In the area around Bogor there are mining companies that are legal and often use explosions in their mines. Incidentally the area is passed by fast railroad lines. Now here there is agreement that the point where there are frequent explosions is moved away 50 meters left and right from the railroad track," Iwa said.

    In addition, revisions to the City District RDTR were also completed as part of the railway line.

    "Some of the city districts that do have to revise their RDTRs have finished revising and now only the ratification is left, this is very supportive in the process of building fast trains," said Iwa.

    Another process is the issue of land acquisition which made Iwa also experience significant progress, so the Jakarta-Bandung Fast Train development project could be said to be still on schedule. (Even)

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