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    Governor Auctioned Sheikh Ajlin Mosque T-Shirt


    BANDUNG-To collect donations for the construction of the First Great Indonesian Mosque in Gaza Palestine or Sheikh Ajlin Mosque, the West Java Provincial Government along with the Salman Mosque Foundation through the Salman Waqf Agency ITB and Muslimapp made various efforts to fulfill the mosque's construction budget of Rp 20 billion.

    One of the things that was done in finding donations for the construction of Sheikh Ajlin Mosque, namely by auctioning the mosque pictorial shirt which was carried out by the Governor of West Java, Mochamad Ridwan Kamil on the sidelines of the West Java Care for Palestine which took place at ITB Salman Mosque, Sunday (01/27) )

    In the auction event which was attended by the congregation and invited guests who were present, directly carried out by the Governor, with prices opened starting at Rp. 1 million and immediately welcomed by a handful of worshipers present.

    And just a few moments, the auction went straight to the price of Rp. 20.5 million until the auction was closed at a price of Rp.50 million and immediately the dominant black long-sleeved shirt and a Palestinian flag and mosque were immediately handed over to the auction winner.

    In addition to holding an auction to look for donations for the construction of Sheikh Ajlin Mosque in Gaza Palestine, the committee also held 1 million signatures where the people affixed signatures on banners, they immediately donated money in the boxes provided by the committee.

    The Governor of West Java, Mochamad Ridwan Kamil expects, with various efforts carried out by him to expedite the raising of funds for the construction of Sheikh Ajlin Mosque, it can be fulfilled within the next 3 months since it was launched today, Sunday (01/27)

    "My feeling with various activities including several phone numbers on my cellphone, this 20 billion fund was collected in 3 months," Emil said.

    The Governor also appealed to all elements of society in West Java to contribute by setting aside their sustenance for the construction of mosques which are planned to be built on 1,200 M2 with building area reaching 1,500 M2.

    "The entire West Java community including the State Civil Apparatus (ASN) can donate to the construction of this mosque, I also appeal to BJB if it is possible for its customers to be able to donate," he said.

    Meanwhile, Director of the Salman ITB Waqf Agency, Muhammad Khirzan Nazar Noe'man said, in addition to conducting auction activities and 1 million signatures, to collect donations for the construction of Sheikh Ajlin Mosque, his side also prepared an application for people who would donate money.

    "Donations can be made through the" Muslimapp "application that can be installed via Google Play or transfer to BNI Syariah account account number 800-500-4003 and YPM Salman ITB and BNI Syariah account number 5505-5033-35 and the Indonesian Palestine Safe Foundation," he said. (Parno)

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