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    West Java and Wallonia Signs the Letter of Intent


    BANDUNG-Government of West Java with the State Government of Wallonia in Belgium signed a Letter of Intent (LoI) for cooperation in various fields. This signatories was done by the Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar along with Vice President of the State of Wallonia Jean-Claude Marcourt and witnessed by Her Royal Highness (HRH) Princess Astrid as a representation of the Kingdom of Belgium in the West Hall of Gedung Sate, Jl. Diponegoro No. 22, Bandung on Thursday afternoon (17/03/16).

    This event took place in the opening of seminar entitled "Innovating Partnership" which discusses about innovative partnership scheme and efficiently in accordance with the needs of society and the demands of globalisation. In this seminar, each region will present excellent potential and needs so it will be easier to map programs/strategic alliances.

    The LoI signatory is a series of activities of the working visit of Princess Astrid for one week to Jakarta and West Java, which starting from 12 to 19 March 2016. The LoI is focused on the initiation of cooperation in the field of Education, Economy and Trade, Health, Environmental Protection, Science and technology within the framework of technical capacity development, government management, the promotion of regional potential and increase business cooperation and investment.

    "We expect this Letter of Intent that we signed supporting of various other collaborations," said Vice Governor in a press conference after the signing ceremony.

    "This cooperation with the Kingdom of Belgium is not the first time. Because Belgium had been ever conducted investment in West Java, especially in the sectors of metals, machinery, and electronics as well as the textile industry. Well, this time it will develop further cooperation in various fields, especially in tourism then human resource development, particularly education and also research and development of technology infrastructure ports and power plants," said Vice Governor.

    In addition, the Vice Governor also added that cooperation in the field of environmental protection needs to be done, moreover most of the national manufacturing industry in West Java.

    "And the most important is how the protection of the environment. We know that 60 percent of the national investment in manufacturing occurred in West Java. So that the environment is also become a concern that is very important for the survival of the future," added the Vice Governor.

    Therefore, the purpose of this Belgium visit was to increase bilateral economic cooperation by increasing the volume of export, import, and investment from and to Indonesia, especially in West Java.

    The State Government of Wallonia has also pointed The Wallonia Export-Investment Agency (AWEx) in charge of such cooperation. However, even though this cooperation is a government to government engagement, it is expected the participation of business entities to be able to encourage and contribute positively to the cooperation that has been initiated both governments.

    "This afternoon we have also signed two Memorandum of Understanding with the West Java along with AWEx related to exports and investment," said Vice President and Minister of Economy, Industry, Innovation and Technology State of Wallonia, and the Vice President and Minister for Higher Education, Research and media Federation Wallonia - Brussels Mr. Jean-Claude Marcout at a press conference.

    This Belgium mission to Indonesia was si special, because Princess Astrid bringing the largest delegation numbering 300 people and involves seven high state officials including the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Minister of Trade and local officials along with 250 entrepreneurs and business entities of the Kingdom of Belgium are engaged in various business fields.

    Earlier, Wallonia has also signed an MoU with Bandung City related to Smart City development cooperation which also can be expected is developed with other cities in Indonesia. While in the afternoon, Belgium will sign a cooperation agreement in the field of education between universities in Belgium with a university in Bandung City in the development of DNA.

    CEO of Flander Investments and Trade (FIT) Claire Tillekaerts in the press conference expressed it interests in investing in port infrastructure.

    Claire admitted Belgian investment to develop the port is not the new thing. So far, their expertise is to build the port also deals with the coastal reclamation, wind power, to service cargo in the port.


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