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    Ridwan Kamil Announces Mosque Designs for Gaza Palestine


    BANDUNG - Governor of West Java, Ridwan Kamil, who is also an architect, announced the design of the mosque for Gaza, Palestine to the public. The design of his work, then he was entrusted to the Aman Palestin organization, to then conduct fundraising socialization.

    "We have aspirations from the Palestinian people of Gaza because the mosque was destroyed by the war, this initiative of Aman Palestin gives an idea of how we Indonesian people are at least West Java, to do 'civilization', how we can help rebuild the destroyed mosque," Emil said , call the Governor of West Java, at the Salman Mosque ITB, Sunday (01/27/2019).

    Governor Emil said that the design of mosques for Palestinians was chosen at the request of the residents there. Of the four designs Emil showed as an option, the Gazans chose the dome design.

    "The concept is the 5 main domes that symbolize the pillars of Islam," explained Emil.

    The walls of the mosque, depicting the reliefs of the Asmaul Husna. While ornaments typical of West Java will also be adapted to the interior of the mosque.

    Regarding the budget, Emil estimates that this mosque requires funds of around Rp. 20 billion. The mosque will be built on 1,200 meters of land.

    "Alhamdulillah, now the design is complete. We will release it to the public and we will start the fundraising process. We don't know when it's finished, but at least we intend it first," he said.

    "My feeling, this Rp20 billion fund was collected in 3 months," Emil said.

    To collect the funds, Emil invited all Indonesian people, especially West Java residents, to contribute by setting aside funds for the construction of a two-story mosque, with an area of ??1,500 meters.

    Palestine's Safe Director, Miftahuddin Kamil, said that the mosque designed by Ridwan Kamil would be built on the land of the former Sheikh Ajlin Mosque which was completely destroyed by the war.

    "The mosque is in the Gaza Strip or 50 kilometers from Gaza City and adjacent to the Mediterranean Sea," he said.

    The hope, this mosque by the Governor of West Java, will also be a West Java mosque, or even the first Indonesian mosque that stands majestically on Palestinian land.

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