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    Ridwan Kamil Invites Citizens to "Udunan" for Palestine


    BANDUNG-In this routine activity Subuh Keliling (Subling) this time, the Governor of West Java (West Java), Ridwan Kamil invited Indonesian citizens, especially West Java residents to joint venture funds to build a mosque in Gaza Palestine.

    This is the support of the Indonesian people, especially West Java, towards Palestinian Muslim brothers. Not only prayer, Indonesian citizens, especially West Java, also support through the construction of a new mosque in Gaza, Palestine.

    "There are prayers and endeavors," Emil said, calling the Governor, at the West Java Provincial Islamic Da'wah Center (Pusdai), Sunday (27/01/19) after the morning prayer in congregation.

    "We will build a mosque that we have never been there, namely the Palestinian Mosque in Gaza. Where there is good intention, God willing, there is a way," he added.

    Governor Ridwan Kamil, who is also an architect, designed the Gaza Palestine Mosque. Having a very majestic appearance, this mosque has 22 domes with gold on it.

    "There are four options, the design of the mosque is the result of the choice and agreement of the Gazans themselves," he said.

    Supported by Safe Palestine, a leading Non-Government Organization (NGO) in obtaining funds and providing assistance to Palestine, The inauguration of the commencement of the construction of the Gaza Palestine Mosque itself will be held at the Salman Mosque in ITB on Sunday, said Subuh.

    After Subling with the theme "Fajr Congregation for Palestine" in Pusdai, Governor Emil along with hundreds of young men, motorized in the city (City Riding) to finish at the Salman Mosque ITB.

    "Let's realize the development with shadaqoh full of enthusiasm for us," said Emil.

    "There was a damaged mosque bombed, so the people there built tents to carry out prayers. While there were hundreds of thousands of mosques in Indonesia, while there they did not get the facilities there, we fellow Muslims wanted to provide help," Emil added.

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