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    Emil Invites Academics to Realize "West Java Champion"


    BANDUNG - Acceleration of the development of a region, needs to be supported by various parties. In the frame of "Dynamic Government", or Dynamic Bureaucracy 3.0, 'Pentahelix' becomes a concept of appropriate collaboration, to bind all parties to be involved in development.

    Pentahelix, which involves Academics, Business, Community, Government, Media or often abbreviated ABCGM, knit together among the five, in designing breakthrough steps in overcoming the limitations of development actors, especially the Regional Government.

    In order to strengthen the Pentahelix network, the Governor of West Java, Ridwan Kamil, in the West Hall of Gedong Sate Bandung on Friday (25/01/19), communicated with academics, at a meeting with the Civitas Padjadjaran University (UNPAD).

    At this meeting, the Governor explained a number of descriptions of the problems of development in West Java. Good development in terms of infrastructure, as well as people.

    Besides that, Emil called the governor's best friend, also revealed the flagship West Java program which will be carried out in the next five years during his leadership period.

    "I convey to the Academics, the needs of the West Java Provincial Government in the next five years to get synergy of support from the University," said Governor Emil.

    So today's meeting, said Emil, is expected to produce a formulation of a collaboration plan and action plan, between the Government and Academics. Especially between the West Java Provincial Government and Padjadjaran Universiras in various fields, or various aspects of development.

    "Our task today is the same, namely worship. Second, our glory as human beings is measured by usability," he said.

    Academics themselves, said Emil, have "knowledge power", which can bring ease of life to society. Then there is the value of innovation that can be built by the Government in collaboration with academics.

    While the Government, with "political power," is ready to formulate a policy through decisions, relating to the results of innovations made.

    Then supported by community involvement with "social power", the development target in West Java will be accelerated.

    "Here we need the initiative, ideas, research we need, please (academics) research the fundamentals of West Java Development," he said.

    "I open myself to ask for input from zone A, Academics, on this pentahelix," said the Governor.

    In addition, Emil continued, there were also elements of business, as well as the media, which were equally important in supporting the acceleration of development in West Java.

    Present at the meeting were Chancellor of UNPAD Tri Hanggono Achmad, Academic Senate ranks, Deans, Chair of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Pasundan University Chancellor (UNPAS) Bandung Eddy Jusuf, Chancellor of the Bandung Institute of Indonesian Arts (ISBI) Een Herdiani, and the Professors, as well as other academic elements.

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