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    Edi Invites All Workers to Use Environmentally Friendly Materials


    BANDUNG - The board of directors of PT Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI) supports the steps and efforts made by PT Reska Multi Usaha which is a subsidiary of PT KAI by innovating by launching the Go Green program by changing all food packaging, which used plastic-based packaging to become packaging paper-based or Green Pack.

    President Director of PT KAI, Edi Sukmoro, hopes that this innovation can change the existing system at Reska in using packaging from previously made from plastic to environmentally friendly materials.

    "This is very good because now we are well aware that the use of plastic in the world is at a worrying level and packing at Reska will all have to be environmentally friendly," he said.

    Edi hopes that what is done by PT Reska Multi Usaha (Reska) can be transmitted to other subsidiaries or divisions within PT KAI to start using environmentally friendly materials.

    "I think this will be contagious, in the sense that not only Reska, Daops-Daops or Divre-Divre or our work units that will later need food will be able to avoid using plastic as a place," Edi said, at Bandung Station on Friday (25 / 01).

    Edi added, as a form of support for environmental conservation, he also today (Friday) inaugurated the bicycle community for employees in PT KAI and other communities who wish to join.

    "This bicycle community aims to mobilize so that we keep guarding the unity in order to nourish the body and protect the environment from volution," he said. (Parno)

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