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    DBD Case Patients Increase


    BANDUNG-Along with the high intensity of the rainy season this time, the number of cases of Dangue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) treated at Hasan Sadikin Hospital (RSHS) Bandung, is currently experiencing an increase from the usual.

    According to the Head of the Infection Division of the Children's Medical Staff Group, RSHS Bandung, Djatnika Setiabudi, to this day the number of dengue patients treated at RSHS reaches 50 people or has increased five times compared to the average each month.

    "If we look at the monthly data in 2018, on average, 8-11 people per month, currently January 2019, there are only 53 patients on the 24th, this has increased up to 5 times," Djatnika said to the media at RSHS Bandung, Friday (25 / 01).

    Djatnika said, this condition occurs because it enters rainy season where moisture makes it easy for the aedes aegypti mosquito or dengue fever mosquito to develop rapidly, including the large amount of used goods that can hold rainwater which is where the mosquitoes hatch.

    "Aedes aegypti mosquito as a transmitting mosquito likes the current conditions with high humidity to breed, including items that can accommodate mosquito water to hatch there," he said.

    According to Djatnika, patients who come to RSHS are generally those who 3-4 days before have been attacked by dengue in their homes.

    "The important thing is to immediately be taken to the hospital if there are symptoms, so that you will get treatment faster because the medicine is only infusion and only reduce fever, or speed, the accuracy of providing replacement fluids," he said. (Parno)

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