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    Ridwan Kamil Asks High School / Vocational School to Apply Information on Majors


    BANDUNG - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil revealed the importance of information about majors in Higher Education to high school and vocational high school students. This will provide a road map so that students do not make wrong decisions in deciding majors according to their interests and talents.

    For this reason Ridwan Kamil instructed the Head of the West Java Education Office to hold all the information on majors which were followed by State and Private College. The governor said, the Edu Passion event which was held in the 3rd Public High School in the city of Bandung and inaugurated could be a model for all Vocational High Schools in West Java.

    "I have asked the West Java Head of Education and Information Office to carry out information on majors or the name here is Edu Passion to all high schools / vocational schools throughout West Java," said the Governor who was familiarly called Emil on Thursday (24/1/19).

    Emil said, students must choose a department in college that suits their left or right brain psychologically according to their interests.

    "I used to choose a department without any guidance, because I was confused and then asked everywhere, the reference was actually not credible. Don't let the incident happen now. So the children choose to lean to the left or right brain, what they want psychologically so that later "You can choose to continue your education according to your interests," he explained.

    In addition, Emil's information on this department is expected to boost the College's Gross Participation Rate (APK) in West Java, which is still at 20%.

    "The College's Gross Participation Rate is not yet a maximum of 20%, meaning that our undergraduate index is still low so we must improve it," he said.

    After the inauguration of Edu Passion, the Governor also inaugurated the use of computer laboratories at SMU 3 which were built by central government and self-help assistance. Laboratories in five rooms that have 220 units of computers are also planned to be used for UNBK and SNMPTN.

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