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    West Java Provincial Government Prepares Elderly Regional Regulation


    BANDUNG - This year West Java Provincial Government is reviewing the creation of Regional Regulations (Perda) on the elderly. If the regulation is realized, the elderly in West Java will be guaranteed service from the government.

    This was stated by West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil after inaugurating the steering committee and management of the West Java Province of Indonesia (LLI) at Gedung Sate Bandung on Wednesday (1/23/19).

    "In 2019, we will examine it (Perda) if it is successful later in 2020 there will be help, one of which we will free services for the elderly," said the Governor.

    Emil, as he is familiar, said that currently life expectancy in West Java is 72 years. While the percentage of elderly people to population increases from 7 percent to almost 10 percent.

    "They turned out there were still many who were productive. Well, I arranged for anyone who still wanted to provide benefits whether participating in supervising the construction, going to school and so on, we hope that the Elderly Regional Regulations like in Bali will be made," he said.

    Based on data from BPS, the number of elderly people in West Java in 2017 is 4.16 million people or 8.67 percent of the total population. The human development index until 2017 is at 70.69. While the male life expectancy is 70.58 and women are 74.42.

    "This is an indicator that the elderly in West Java are considered to be long-lived, healthy and decent," Emil said.

    According to Emil, one indication of a city that is liveable is that the elderly have gone out because the city is considered safe and comfortable. Therefore the West Java Provincial Government continues to make programs to improve the quality of life of the elderly, service and build public facilities for the elderly.

    "I hope West Java LLI synergizes with us to create a West Java province that is friendly to the elderly and makes the elderly productive and happy," Emil said.

    Meanwhile, the chairman of LLI West Java who will take office until 2023, Nu'man Abdul Hakim, said that the increase in the elderly population in West Java based on statistical data increases every year. In 2010 it was 8.5 percent, in 2011 8.7 percent, in 2012 9 percent, in 2013 9.3 percent, in 2014 9.6 percent, in 2015 9.9 percent and 2018 yesterday was already numbered 11 percent.

    "It shows that the number of elderly is far greater than the growth rate," said Nu'man, who is also a former Vice Governor of West Java.

    However, in line with that it also has an impact on social welfare and health issues. For this reason, said Nu'man, efforts need to be made to improve and carry out humanitarian cooperation. In this case LLI is very strategic in the social services of the elderly.

    "West Java LLI has been able to coordinate and collaborate in the implementation of the elderly social welfare program as well as the establishment of networking and social cooperation for the elderly and the implementation of a program of health, mental, spiritual, empowerment and advocacy development," explained Nu'man.

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