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    Secretary Iwa Described Steps for Fast Train Synchronization with LRT Bandung Raya


    BANDUNG - Regional Secretary (Secretary) of West Java Province Iwa Karniwa said the progress of the Jakarta-Bandung high-speed train project development showed a significant development. This was conveyed after conducting a meeting related to the fast train in the Regional Secretary Working Room, Gedung Sate Bandung, Tuesday (22/1/19).

    At present, the West Java Provincial Government will take four steps to synchronize the Railways with the LRT Bandung Raya which has eight lines. This is certainly one of the solutions for integrated inter-regional transportation that can reduce the high cost economy related to logistics.

    "In accordance with the direction of the Governor, the first step is to make connectivity. Certainly it must be connected with the Bandung Raya LRT which covers the City of Bandung, Cimahi City, West Bandung Regency, Regency, Bandung and parts of Sumedang Regency," said Iwa.

    Iwa added, after a study by the West Java Development Acceleration Team, the developer of the fast train and the Transportation Service of West Java Province, the development of the LRT Bandung Raya turned out to be inappropriate when using the business to business concept. So that it is proposed to change the pattern into a Government and Business Entity Cooperation (PPP).

    "This is the second, from the previous meeting there was also a proposal from various studies. It turned out that the concept of business to business was not included. So it has been proposed that the pattern of PPPs," said Iwa.

    "It has been matured by the Ministry of Transportation related to the route from Tegalluar to several routes in Bandung Raya that have been proposed to the Ministry of Transportation," he added.

    The third step, said Iwa, is to consolidate with several related parties about 'who and what to do'. This is intended for understanding between parties, so that they can be more detailed and technical in carrying out their respective duties.

    Fourth, it is necessary to hold a meeting with several related parties. Previously, a paper or report will be made containing progress that has been carried out from 2014 to the present and what will be done next.

    The construction of the high-speed train will create Transit Oriented Development (TOD) with a total length of about 142.3 kilometers, from Halim Perdana Kusuma Airport in Jakarta (kilomeret 0), Karawang (kilometers 41), then current (killmeter 96), and Tegalluar ( kilometers 142). If it is continued to Kertajati Airport, it will take around 70 kilometers.

    The construction of the Fast Railway from Jakarta to Tegalluar is expected to be carried out smoothly. Determination of location (penlok) has also been done and physically has begun to appear. The plan, the Jakarta-Bandung fast train has a capacity of 583 people and is capable of driving 350km / hour. So that the distance only takes 35 minutes.

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