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    Ridwan Kamil Will Open a "West" Cafe Abroad


    CIAMIS REGENCY-West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil plans to open a cafe abroad. The cafe, which is named "West", which means West, will present 100% of coffee from West Java.

    The plan was revealed by Emil, his nickname, when giving direction to the board of BUMDes in Ciamis Regency, at BUMDes Sari Mandiri Desa Dewasari, Cijeungjing Subdistrict, Ciamis Regency, Sunday (01/20/19).

    West Cafe, said Emil, is one of his strategies to open markets for West Java coffee abroad. In the future, this cafe can also be cooperated with Village-Owned Enterprises (BUMDes) throughout West Java, thus impacting on the development of five-star BUMDes (with tens of billions of rupiah) in West Java.

    "I have prepared a strategy where West Java coffee will be sold abroad, and I make a cafe abroad called West, the coffee is 100% from West Java," Emil said.

    "I am sure there will be five-star BUMDes from here," he continued.

    Emil said, the selection of coffee is considering the culture of drinking coffee abroad, especially in European regions, is very high. He hopes, later on the international market demand for West Java coffee will continue to increase, thus affecting the welfare of coffee farmers and BUMDes. "Right now in Europe there is winter, and they can drink five to six glasses in a day," Emil explained.

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