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    Digital Village Program, Road to Make Five Star Village-Owned Enterprises


    CIAMIS REGENCY-Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil is determined to boost the welfare of rural communities, through the empowerment of Village-Owned Enterprises (BUMDes). According to him, successful BUMDes and champions, namely digital BUMDes and five stars. The way is, BUMDes are synchronized with the Digital Village program.

    Implementing the program, Emil - Ridwan Kamil's nickname - appealed to BUMDes coordinators and village heads to immediately create social media accounts, and post superior potential of their regions. In addition, Emil also requested that the potential be recorded, then classified, so that it could facilitate the West Java Provincial Government in channeling the type of assistance that was most appropriate for the village.

    "We have a Digital Village program. Every village in Ciamis must immediately create social media and website accounts. Post potential villages. BUMDes must also have social media. So the potential is easy to see," Emil said when giving direction to BUMDes officials in Ciamis Regency , at the BUMDes Sari Mandiri Desa Dewasari, Cijeungjing District, Ciamis Regency, Sunday (01/20/19).

    "Why do you need a classification? To be able to be helped 'according to the disease'. If not, it will be difficult to adjust later, what do you need," he said.

    Emil divides the village into three types, based on its products and BUMDes, namely the Red Zone for villages that do not have companies (BUMDes), the Yellow Zone for villages that are processing or developing their BUMDes, and the Green Zone for villages that already have BUMDes and already in operation. Furthermore, Emil also divided the BUMDes that are already in the green zone into five classifications based on their income, namely one-star BUMDes with millions to tens of millions of rupiahs, two-star BUMDes with tens of millions of rupiah, three-star BUMDes with hundreds of millions of rupiah, BUMDes four stars with billions of rupiahs, and five-star BUMDes with tens of billions of rupiah.

    For Emil, building five-star BUMDes is not an easy thing, but it does not mean that it is also impossible. This, Emil said, was able to be achieved if the village community began to be able to adjust to technological progress. For this reason, Emil has prepared an innovation, where newly graduated students are required to work on BUMDes temporarily, to teach the use of digital technology.

    "I will (plan) to make KKN (Real Work College) and still new graduates, to work on BUMDes-BUMDes in order to be able to transform go digital products," Emil said.

    For villages that do not have their own potential or products, Emil suggests that they continue to build BUMDes. Later, the company will find a buyer, then which BUMDes will produce the order will be chosen. Materials and training will be facilitated by the West Java Provincial Government.

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