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    Scouts, Uu: Building Youth Character and Morals


    TASIKMALAYA REGENCY- Vice Governor of West Java, Uu Ruzhanul Ulum, acts as Inspector of Ceremony (Irup) at the Opening Ceremony of the VIII Scout Competition 2019 Scouts, at the Manonjaya State Vocational School Sports Field, Tasikmalaya Regency, Sunday (01/20/19).

    Uu mentions, Scouts as extracurricular activities, or learning outside the curriculum that is very appropriate for printing young people who have leadership, or good leadership values. Besides that, the Vice Governor of Uu advised that moral education be built through Scout activities.

    "Character education, morals, are instilled through Scouting activities. Outside of activities, also must be practiced by the knowledge gained from Scouting through a strong relationship with the community," said Uu.

    Uu also said that Scout activities are full of character values, which is certainly very reasonable if many people hope that this movement can overcome the moral degradation of the nation's children.

    "Many circles, including the Government, have placed their trust in the Scout movement as the organization of choice in building character and leadership education for the nation's children and adolescents. The Scout Movement must be able to educate and nurture the younger generation," hoped the Deputy Governor of West Java.

    Regarding the VIII 2019 Scout Competition, Uu admitted that his party supports and appreciates this activity. Because said Uu, young people as the next generation of the nation must from the beginning instill a sense of love for the country.

    "This activity is one of the distribution of creativity to counteract various juvenile delinquency matters," he said.

    After the ceremony, the Deputy Governor of West Java then visited the Head of High School / Vocational School in Tasikmalaya, in the Hall of Manonjaya State Vocational School, Kab. Tasikmalaya. Accompanying the Deputy Governor of Uu, Head of the West Java Provincial Education Office, Dewi Sartika.

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