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    Millennials Wanted Indonesia Becoming a Superpower in 2045? You must be competitive


    JAKARTA-Indonesia is predicted to become a superpower in the coming 2045 by many groups. According to West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil, this could be realized through the involvement of millennials who want this country to advance.

    There are several conditions so that Indonesia Emas 2045 can be realized. Ridwan Kamil said, besides the stability of economic growth which must reach 5%, Indonesia must also have competitive HR or millennials. In addition, peaceful and conducive democracy also needs to be maintained despite different choices in democracy.

    "The requirements of superpowers, your duty is to protect our economy by five percent until 2045, one of them is the digital economy," said Emil, Ridwan Kamil's nickname when speaking at the Indonesia Millennial Summit 2019 at the Grand Ballroom Hotel Indonesia Kempinski, Jakarta. Saturday (1/19/19).

    "The second condition is that our 2045 millennial superpower must be competitive. Because we will experience a bonus demographic. The young people will be very much from the population pyramid," he continued.

    Furthermore, Emil said that the competitive millennial requirements were productive and not a burden to the country. Millennials must also be intelligent, foreign language skills, especially English, must be qualified, equipped with digital skills or abilities.

    "I give a message, this millennial must be competitive with its skills so that their future can be achieved quickly and can help Indonesia," he ordered.

    On this occasion, in the presence of millennials, Emil also advised that they be directly involved in solving Indonesia's problems. According to him, this country needs to be helped because it has many problems.

    "Indonesia needs help, the country is cool but a lot of problems too. So, my term is not cool for yourself. Use the coolness to help the Indonesian people," Emil asked.

    "Using its digital skills, its skill network, the skills of social media are not only for ourselves but for the community. If this is practiced, I think Indonesia will jump," he was optimistic.

    According to IDN Research Institute data, the Indonesian millennial population reaches 24% of the total number of people or around 63.4 million people. There are two categories of millennial inhabitants, namely Millennial Juniors aged 20-27 years (born 1991-1998) and Senior Millennials 28-35 years old (born 1983-1990).

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