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    Ridwan Kamil Reported to Jokowi Wanting to Fix Situ Bagendit


    GARUT-Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil expressed to the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo (Jokowi), related to his plan by Situ Bagendit, in Banyuresmi Subdistrict, Garut Regency.

    "I explained the planned arrangement of the famous Lake in Garut, namely Situ Bagendit in the Banyuresmi area," said Emil, a close call from the Governor of West Java during the Working Visit of the President of the Republic of Indonesia and Working Cabinet Ministers in Garut Regency, Saturday (1/19/19 )

    Furthermore, Governor Emil revealed that the President is committed to supporting the plan through the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) of the Republic of Indonesia starting next year.

    "Alhamdulillah, he is committed, supporting through the Ministry of Public Works and Public Works for next year so that the arrangement of 100 Ha of the Lake can be completed and become a world destination. West Java is heading towards 'JabarJuara'," Emil said.

    As it is known, Situ Bagendit is a natural tourist attraction in Garut Regency located in Bagendit village, Banyuresmi District. Bagendit Situ also has its own legend.

    According to local folklore, a long time ago a wealthy woman named Nyai Endit lived. Nyai Endit is known to be very stingy and evil especially to the poor, until one when she held a party, an old man who looked poor asked for food.

    Because of her stinginess, Nyai Endit did not give anything to the old man until he finally left. The next day, the people of the area were troubled because of a stick sticking in the village land but no one was able to pull it out.

    Until finally the old man reappeared and pulled out the stick. It is said that from the former stick hole the water flowed more and more rapidly until it finally sank the area. Nyai Endit because of his love for treasure did not want to leave his house and finally sank.

    Previously, Emil accompanied Republic of Indonesia President Joko Widodo to "embark" on pesawahaan, in Kp. Kaumluwuk, Ds. Leuwigoong, Garut Regency, Saturday (01/19/19).

    The activity was carried out by the President in the framework of the Movement to "Guard the Okmar Planting Season 2018/2019", which was held by the Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises and the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia.

    The President stepped into the rice fields to see the farmers planting rice. Governor Ridwan Kamil and a number of Working Cabinet Ministers accompanied the President.

    After completing a review of rice plantations by farmers, the President took time to hold dialogues with farmers and local residents. The President asked farmers to use loan facilities from state-owned banks for capital.

    "But if you want to borrow from the bank, it must be calculated, and it must be used for capital, buy seeds, buy fertilizer," he said.

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