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    The Area of Kopo Road is Swift before the Arrival of President


    BANDUNG-Based on the jabarprov.go.id’s observation in Thursday afternoon, the condition of Kopo Road that is located in the administration area of Bandung regency and the city of Bandung is in the swift condition before the arrival of Indonesian President, Joko Widodo.

    The condition is very different compare to the other days because there is usually a lot of traffic in that road. 
    One of the citizen, Imas, said that the swift condition of Kopo Road is caused by many of the citizen who leave early to avoid the traffic in the afternoon because there will be a pacification regarding the President’s visit.
    Imas added that today’s condition in Kopo Road is supported by many officers who maintain the road condition along the Kopo road, so that makes no drivers, whether it is a motorcycle rider or the car driver, stop in any places in the road.
    In jabarprov.go.id, the smoothness of traffic also happens in Caringin Market and Leuwipanjang area.

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