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    AKS Helicopter Made by PT DI Equipped with Sonar and Torpedo


    BANDUNG - Defense System Equipment of the Indonesian Navy increased with the presence of five AKS or Anti Submarine helicopter units made by PT Dirgantara Indonesia. This helicopter will be an air patrol tool to monitor sea traffic.

    PT DI President Director Elfien Goentoro said an AKS helicopter unit would be equipped with submarine or sonar detection equipment. Then you will be given complete weapons.

    "Already ordered anti-submarine weapons and equipment from America and France. "This anti-submarine aircraft is similar to the US Panther helicopter 565 MBA, which was jointly built between PT DI and Airbus Helicopters," he explained Thursday (1/24).

    Meanwhile Kasum Commander in Chief, Vice Admiral TNI Didit Herdiawan said AKS helicopters would be equipped with tracking sonar under the sea with a special mission to watch the submarine movement.

    "There are sonar and terpedo that can chase submarines if fired from a helicopter. "Actually, one unit is ready, just one more we are waiting for from PT DI, so there will be two units with complete configuration as anti submarines," he said.

    With the existence of this latest aircraft, according to him, the Indonesian Navy will be increasingly ready to conduct air patrols and surveillance of sea traffic, both on the surface and also in the sea.

    The value of the AKS helicopter purchase contract reaches 132 million Euros. While for CN 235 aircraft worth 59 million US dollars which will later become the Navy AL air surveillance aircraft. jo

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