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    Emil: BJB Bank Must Return to Become West Java Development Bank


    BANDUNG - BJB Bank is a Regional-Owned Enterprise, which is certainly one of its functions is to support the development of West Java. Even BJB is a BPD which means becoming a regional development bank.

    "I have carried out BJB reform. BJB Bank must return to the initial history formed. There is the letter P namely Development, "said West Java Governor Riwan Kamil before the Financial Services Industry in Gedung Sate, Monday (21/1) yesterday.

    He stated that this was because the development of West Java could not rely on the Regional Budget but also needed the assistance of third parties, one of which was bank loans. He gave an example, Bank Jateng which provides loans to districts and cities in Central Java to build markets.

    "We have BJB Bank, it can also be done. The origin of the Council (DPRD) agrees, "he said.

    He said BJB's past must be abandoned and must be changed towards a better direction, specifically encouraging the development of West Java.

    "Don't be busy with consumer credit. BJB must also be a development bank. So in the future, build from the help of the bank itself. "It remains a commitment from the DPRD and financial industry support," he said.

    Emil also appealed to the financial services industry to form an industry forum, the purpose of which was to coordinate in channeling CSR funds. So that the distribution of CSR funds is not individual and can be right on target. jo

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