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    Danseskou Appointed the new Seskoau Dandenma


    West Bandung Regency - Commander of Seskoau Marshal of the TNI Donny Ermawan T., M.D.S. presided over the transfer of Seskoau's Detachment Commander (Dandenma) Position from the former official Letkol Kal Tri Budi Santoso to the new official Letkol Kal Sarip T. Hidayat, S.Sos., M..A., held in Bangsal Srutasala, Seskoau Lembang Bandung On Monday (1/21). In addition to the role of Seskoau Marsma TNI Kusworo, S, E., M.M., in the ceremony the ceremony was also attended by Seskoau officials, Officers, Tamtama Bintara and Seskoau civil servants, which were safe, orderly and smooth.

    Danseskoau Marsda TNI Donny Ermawan T., M.D.S. said On that, the task of a position in principle boils down to the development effort in order to increase the implementation of tasks optimally in order to successfully achieve the tasks of the Seskoau institution clearly.

    "The formulation implies that, personnel guarding the Commander of the Detachment Headquarters must be able to carry out the functions of services and affairs within the Seskoau environment optimally," he concluded.

    At the end of his mandate, Danseskoau expressed his gratitude and high appreciation to Lieutenant Colonel Kal Tri Budi Santoso for dedicating his energy and thoughts to help bring about the development and progress of the Seskoau Campus, so that the implementation of the service and internal affairs at the Seskoau Headquarters could be carried out he said.

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