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    PLN Give Free of Charge in the Added Costs Power


    BANDUNG-PLN providing electrical power-added services for free to the households customers power of 900 VA (Volt Ampere) who want to increase up to 1,300 VA power. The service request is valid from March 15 to December 31, 2016.

    Head of Commercial Division at PLN, Benny Marbun asserted that this program only applies to the addition of household consumers power from 900 VA to 1,300 VA.

    "For postpaid electricity consumers remain cost adjustment of Security Subscription, while for prepaid customers only to pay a token prime," said Benny.

    Implementation of the free added power is performed after the completion data matching of TNP2K (The National Team for Alleviating Poverty) for poor households to power 900 VA. As part of the effort to accelerate the process of granting targeted subsidies for household consumers with a power of 900 VA who want to increase to 1,300 VA power.

    Targeted subsidy program is in accordance with the mandate of the Government through the Minister of assignment letter No. 7294/20 / MEM.L / 2015 of September 30, 2015. The electricity subsidy in 2016 amounted to 38.39 trillion rupiah allocated to the policy of subsidising electricity for 24.7 million of poor households customers and vulnerable poor which accordance with TNP2K data.

    Through this program, PLN also provides an opportunity for consumers to be able to enjoy greater power with power freely and comfortable in using electricity for various needs.

    To the West Java region, number of Households customers of R1 900 VA per end of February 2016 was 4.2 million subscribers.

    For Business and Industry consumers with 100 to 200 kilo Volt Ampere (kVA), PLN provided relief in the form of discounts on connection fee of 20 percent of the tariffs set by the government.

    "This applies specifically to new connection requests and the addition of Business and Industry of consumers who want to have 100 to 200 kVA," said Benny Marbun.

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