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    Governor Invites Financial Services Industry to Reduce Inequality


    BANDUNG - West Java's economic growth is still higher than the national level, but on the other hand the gini ratio or inequality between rich and poor is higher than the national level. For this reason, West Java Governor Riwan Kamil invited the financial industry in West Java to help reduce the imbalance.

    "We agreed to reduce this imbalance. Regional inequality with South West Java development. The president is ready to help, even more than Rp. 1 trillion has been disbursed to accelerate the development of South West Java, "he said.

    For this reason, he hopes the financial industry and OJK will help rural communities with the help of ideas and ideas and funding for village businesses. West Java innovations such as one village and one company must get support from the banking sector.

    "There is intimate credit, micro waqf bank. This is to help the village community. "The hope of our combination in five years for alignments with the village is to accelerate development to reduce the gini ratio," he said.

    Head of OJK West Java Triana Gunawan said, a real action synergy through the role of 5 BUMDesa as a Laku Pandai Agent with the opening of savings accounts, insurance policies and pension funds. Three Micro Waqf Banks have been established in 2018, and financial services industry support funding for Macakal Farmers and Equator Cut Flower Farmers.

    "In 2019, OJK through TPAKD will work optimally in providing support to the West Java Provincial Government to achieve the 'West Java Champion - One Village, One Company' program, by continuing the program initiated and implemented in 2018," he explained.

    In addition, the OJK Regional Office 2 of West Java also has a place to synergize with the financial services industry with the establishment of the Financial Services Industry Communication Forum, which has carried out various activities such as socialization, training, togetherness and care for the community or affected areas. jo

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