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    OJK Appreciates West Java's Conducive Economy


    BANDUNG - Located in Gedung Sate, the annual meeting of the West Java Financial Services Industry 2019 took place. The meeting was attended by West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil, OJK Chairwoman Wimboh Santoso, Head of West Java OJK Triana Gunawan and a number of other financial company officials.

    In his remarks the Head of West Java Regional OJK Triana Gunawan said the meeting of the Financial Services Industry was conducted at the beginning of the year as a form of OJK communication with stakeholders in the region, to provide an overview of the performance of the financial services industry in 2018 and the direction of OJK policy in 2019.

    He said the Financial Services Industry in West Java is quite a lot, both in terms of number and type, both in the banking sector, capital market and non-bank financial industry sectors.

    "Banking experienced positive growth as reflected in asset growth of 9.45%, Third Party Funds of 5.60% and credit of 9.37%. In addition, the banking intermediation function is quite optimal, as reflected in the LDR at 93.66% and the ratio of non-performing loans maintained at the level of 3.57%, "he said on Monday (1/21/2019).

    The performance of Islamic Banking in West Java experienced positive growth, which was reflected in asset growth of 5.17%, Third Party Funds 11.81% and financing of 9.87%. However, the share of Islamic banking in West Java is small compared to the total banking assets of West Java. In general, it is caused by the still capital constraints, human resources, technology, products and services that have not been able to meet the needs of the community.

    But with the population of West Java, which is predominantly Muslim with a number of pesantren of around 12,000, presumably the level of literacy and inclusion of Islamic banking needs to be improved.

    KUR distribution in West Java in December 2018 was recorded at 15.03 trillion or an increase of 20.82% with a highly maintained NPL. However, KUR distribution is still more in the trade sector, with most of them being existing debtors. Therefore, in 2019, we again encouraged banks to channel KUR more towards the productive sector and target new debtors.

    Meanwhile, MSME lending by West Java banks has reached 26.63% of total loans. OJK consistently continues to encourage banks in West Java to be able to channel MSME loans at a minimum of 20% as stipulated in the provisions.

    "The financing company performance in West Java has experienced positive growth over the past year, reflected in financing receivables which grew 3.58% and improvements in non-performing loan risks which were recorded at around 2.70%. In addition, the Pension Fund also contributes to the welfare of workers in West Java with the distribution of 18 head offices and total assets of 22.8 trillion, "he explained. Jo

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