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    Productive Garden Rumah Wakaf is Empowering Mr. Oyat


    BANDUNG REGENCY - Rumah Wakaf through Productive Gardens has succeeded in empowering Mr Oyat in Bubusana Village, Cibiru Wetan Village, Cileunyi subdistrict, Bandung Regency. The 280 meter waqf land was planted with corn and beans.

    According to Mr. Oyat, the plant can be harvested four months after post-planting. He also said that the productive waqf land of the Waqf had a good and fertile soil texture, so it did not require additional chemical fertilizers to maintain the fertility of the soil.

    Mr. Oyat is a resident who lives around the garden. Previously he did not have a permanent job. But now, Mr. Oyat can support his family everyday from gardening.

    "I am very happy and thankful for giving us the trust to manage this garden. Aside from being sold, thank God, the results from this garden can also be used for daily food, "said Dedeh, Pak Oyat's wife on Friday (1/18/2019).

    Arif Nurcholis, as the Division of Rumah Wakaf Program, said that the use of productive waqf gardens was aimed at empowering local residents. It is expected that the waqf assets will remain useful and have productive value. (Even)

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