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    Follow-up of Citizens' Reports, Vice Governor Uu Made a Sudden Inspection to Mining Company


    TASIKMALAYA CITY - Responding to reports from the public through Jabar Quick Response about the existence of an illegal sand mining company, West Java Deputy Governor Uu Ruzhanul Ulum made a sudden inspection to the First Trie Mukty Putra and PT Gunadarma Putra both located in Sukalaksana Village, Bungursari, Tasikmalaya City, Thursday (1/17/19).

    At PT Gunadarma Putra, the Deputy Governor of Uu accompanied by officials from the West Java Provincial Energy and Mineral Resources Office, immediately visited the sand mining site and saw a number of workers and heavy equipment operating. After checking the licensing document, it is known that the company owner is unable to show it. That way, Uu said the company was declared illegal.

    "I was ordered by the Governor to check with the mining company regarding reports from the public through Jabar Quick Response. As soon as I checked it turned out that this was illegal because it could not show the administrative completeness," the Deputy Governor said.

    For this reason, he will call the owner of the company to the West Java Provincial Government office to be held accountable and solve the solution. For a while Uu asked PT Gunadarma Putra to stop operating before completing the conditions that must be met.

    "We will get this in Gedung Sate with related parties, for the time being I ask the company not to operate first because this is clearly illegal," he said.

    According to PT Gunadarma Putra, submission of permits has been submitted to the City Government of Tasikmalaya since 2013. But the City Government has not provided legality because of the lack of requirements that must be met.

    "We have submitted permits since 2013 to the City Government of Tasikmalaya, but we have only been given information about receipts and we are still waiting for them until now," said H Ade, a representative from PT Gunadarma Putra.

    In accordance with regulations, starting in 2015 mining permits were transferred to the provincial government. For this reason, all mining companies throughout West Java must make licensing applications to the provincial government.

    Unlike the First Trie Mukty Putra, when the Deputy Governor checked the completeness of his administration, the sand mining company had a legal and valid letter of legality.

    "I see this PT Trie Mukty Pertama Putra, I check the legality, the tax they have and have fulfilled administrative requirements, pay monthly directly to the Bank bjb and regarding the environmental impact issues I see also does not exist. This means that the company is legal according to our observations," said Uu.

    Uu said, legality is an important aspect that must be fulfilled by the company. Legality will provide convenience and comfort in operation.

    "It should be noted that this legality will provide convenience in business and calm. We will also provide convenience for those who have good intentions, the community will not be alarmed about the adverse effects of mining," said Uu.

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