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    West Java Red Cross Proposed Budget for Blood Storage Tool


    BANDUNG - West Java Red Cross (PMI) proposes a budget to add blood storage devices to the West Java Provincial Government because until now West Java Red Cross still needs a tool or a place to store blood.

    "For the equipment there are some of the results of self-help and assistance from the district / city government, but if you want to increase the capacity, these tools must be there. I propose to the Governor of West Java that this is fulfilled by the regional government budget," said PMI Chairperson Adang Rochjana, on the sidelines of the West Java Provincial Red Cross Working Conference in 2019, in Bandung, Thursday (01/17/2019).

    According to him until now all Red Crosses at the regency / city level in West Java Province have these blood storage devices but the numbers are still inadequate.

    "27 districts / cities plus here have to be 30 units. The price is 1.3 billion one unit, meaning that 30 units become more than Rp 30 billion," said Adang.

    Therefore, he hopes that West Java Governor M Ridwan Kamil or Emil can help his party related to the need for a tool or a place to store blood.

    "Kang Emil as the new Governor of West Java can begin to meet the needs of all these devices or devices. Now this tool can store this blood for quite a long time. So that we can gather donors for a long time if we are left to become blood (blood frozen), "he said.

    West Java PMI, said Adang, once submitted a budget for the blood storage device but could not be realized because it collided with the implementation of the 2016 XIX PON.

    "At that time, it was submitted but it was hit by the PON budget and others, I have proposed Rp36 billion. Maybe gradually it can be fulfilled, it has been proposed for around 5.8 billion for operational purposes," he said.

    Meanwhile, West Java Provincial Government Assistant for Law, Law and Social Welfare, David Achmad, said that the West Java Provincial Government has made every effort to provide support to the PMI of West Java Province.

    "I think the regional government certainly encourages Red Cross in terms of the budget, then the facilities, including this building, are assisted by the regional government. Then the vehicles, that is some form of support," he said.

    It hopes that West Java Provincial Red Cross can become a humanitarian organization that truly exists, especially the West Java region is included in one of the disaster-prone areas. (Even)

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