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    Millennial Workers Dominated by PT Len's Employees


    BANDUNG - Approximately 60% of the bonus demographics of the population of Indonesia are millennial. Millennials have advantages tend to be more proficient in maximizing technology usage (tech savvy), prefer challenges, prioritize impact on society and care more about value than compensation.

    Companies benefit from the birth of new perspectives and technical skills that help in the company. These advantages spur large technology companies such as Apple, Amazon, and Google to employ millennial generations.

    Not to forget, Len Industri, a technology company in Indonesia that also empowers the potential of the millennial generation. With the vision of becoming a world-class technology company, parallel with that more than 70% of Len Industri's employees are millennial generation or Len Industri is familiarly called the MiLENovator (millenial innovator).

    Under the leadership of President Director Zakky Gamal Yasin breaking down the old stigma where millennials are considered to always enjoy a comfort zone. Zakky brought about change by giving the millennial stage not only in managerial positions but also in some of Len Industri's main activities.

    So far, state-owned enterprises are known for their ancient bureaucratic systems, rigid mindsets and boring work environments. So that it is considered incompatible with the millennial generation that is more flexible and modern.

    "Len Industri anticipates that it will provide a comfortable co-working space so that millennials can release their best potential," Zakky said on Thursday (1/17).

    In addition, currently Len Industri is processing the manufacturing of new uniforms that are identical to millennials in the hope of bringing new enthusiasm to work by appearing to develop Innovation for the Country.

    The Milenovator is a generation of hope for key position holders of innovation in Len Industry for the next 10-15 years. To support his vision, Len Industri prepares a briefing called Len Way where the culture of knowledge management, coaching, innovation and leadership continues to be rolled out regularly.

    "At present, Len Way is building up warriors today to spread the spirit of innovation for state-owned enterprises to build the country to be proud to be part of the BUMN family," Zakky said.

    To spur the enthusiasm of the Milenovators, Len Industri held a Milenovation Award, an annual contest for Len Millennials. Jo

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