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    Avanza Sold up to 1.7 Million Units, West Java is Important Market


    BANDUNG-Toyota launched the New Avanza and New Veloz, as one of the best-selling vehicles from Toyota. In Bandung, the launch took place Wednesday (1/16) night at TSM Mall Bandung.

    Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) Marketing Director Anton Jimi said that nationally, the latest sales of TAM products will reach 7500 units per month.

    He expressed optimism that this year's vehicle sales will improve along with the latest policy of zero percent down payment for motor vehicle loans.

    "We really don't have a zero DP program, but this policy is a stimulant for vehicle sales in Indonesia," he added.

    The presence of the New Avanza and New Veloz is expected to be able to keep up with the success of its predecessor who was recorded as a market leader, since it was introduced at the end of 2003 and officially marketed in early 2004 and became the most selling MPV car with a total sales of more than 1.7 million units in 15 years of presence in Indonesia.

    Even though the competition is getting tougher, the Avanza position has not been shaken. In 2018, Avanza posted sales of 82,167 units, Avanza not only survived as a market leader in the low MPV segment, but also managed to survive as the best-selling car.

    "During its 15 years of presence in Indonesia, we have made Avanza a product that can drive the growth of the Indonesian automotive industry. In addition, Avanza is also listed on the MURI record for the achievement of sales of 1 million fastest units for all types of cars. We are optimistic, a number of refreshments made on the New Avanza and New Veloz will provide more added value to consumers through a higher total ownership experience, "said PT Toyota-Astra Motor (TAM) President Director Yoshihiro Nakata in his press release.

    Operation Manager Auto 2000 of West Java Region, Gondo Handoko, said that sales of Avanza in its area for 15 years since it was launched were the main driver of national sales.

    "We are optimistic that the latest variants of Avanza and Veloz will make West Java an important market for national sales," he explained.

    He targets to be able to sell these two variants as many as 1,100 units every month. Jo

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