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    The Establishment of New Autonomous Region in West Java Can't Be Bargained Again


    BANDUNG - The establishment of a New Autonomous Region (DOB) can be a solution to improving welfare and equitable development in an area. Especially for regions that have the largest population, such as West Java Province.

    For this reason, according to Deputy Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum, the formation of DOB in West Java is no longer negotiable. Minimum for three regions, namely South Garut Regency, South Sukabumi Regency, and West Bogor Regency.

    "The solution to improve the welfare of the people of West Java, for the prevalence of development, and also to spread the other things is no longer negotiable about the existence of DOBs," said the Deputy Governor of Uu after receiving a working visit by DPD RI Member Committee I, Eni Sumarni in Gedung Sate , Diponegoro Street No. 22, City of Bandung, Tuesday (1/15/19).

    "The minimum that has been pushed from the start is to be realized - nothing is not 12 or 13 new DOBs, at least three; West Bogor Regency, South Sukabumi, and South Garut, which has already been fulfilled and discussed," he continued.

    It becomes its own irony, because West Java Province has the largest population in Indonesia but has fewer autonomous regions, namely only 27 districts / cities. While other provinces with fewer population than West Java have more autonomous regions.

    Uu said there were several disadvantages for West Java, if the autonomous region did not increase. In terms of politics, for example, with a population of almost 50 million, the representation of the West Java community in the Parliament will not be maximized.

    "This means that more other provinces are members of the Indonesia Parliament, the members of the Indonesia Parliament compared to those of us who have more population," said Uu.

    "While the name of politics needs bumps, the more members of the council who support development in West Java, the easier the budget policy and policy goes to West Java," he continued.

    For this reason, Uu encouraged the Indonesian Parliament and the Central Government to immediately issue a law on the establishment of new autonomous regions in West Java. If needed, Uu said that his party would hold a demonstration in Jakarta.

    "So I just asked for preparation for the districts that want DOB," Uu asked.

    Meanwhile, Member of the Indonesia Parliament Committee I in charge of the issue of government, Eni Sumarni said that with the largest population and the largest area, West Java should have more autonomous regions than Central and East Java.

    "However, with Central Java we have lost the number of districts / cities. Kita (West Java) has only 27 (districts / cities), while there (Central Java) has 37 (districts / cities), East Java has 42 (districts / cities). the city), its position is far away, "Eni said.

    According to Eni, this has an impact on the distribution of Special Allocation Funds (DAK) and General Allocation Funds (DAU) from the Central Government to West Java Province. In addition, the West Java Human Development Index (HDI) will be lower.

    "This is also far greater in terms of DAU and DAK, so this affects the Human Development Index. It is lower than Central Java and East Java, that's the effect," Eni said.

    "So we are with the vision of the West Java Governor where the DOB has been included in the performance (Main Performance Indicator). We are very appreciative," he said.

    Eni also supports the West Java Provincial Government's move to form a DOB. Especially with the new DOB there will be more control over access to public services.

    "We as members of the Indonesia Parliament support and request that it be implemented in real programs, including in the availability of budgets," Eni said.

    "Control of public services in West Java needs to be greatly improved. It is very crucial especially the three (regencies), Bogor Regency, Garut, Sukabumi has been very crowded, there are even (population) that should be in one province but in us one district," he said .

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