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    2019, Citarum Handling is increasingly Clear and Decisive


    BANDUNG - The handling of the Citarum river with the Citarum Harum program in 2019 is increasingly reinforced by various new steps. This was revealed in a meeting evaluating the year running of the Citarum Harum program at Graha Manggala Siliwangi Aceh Street City of Bandung which was directly led by West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil who was also Dan Harum's Citarum Task Force on Tuesday (1/15/2019).

    "Because the coordination has been designed, it will be very champion so that there will be no jobs that are out of sync, because there are dozens of elements working for the citarum and each other often still not connected. In the future similar things will not happen again because all one program is one command, "Emil said.

    Emil also said, the Citarum Harum program in 2019 will officially occupy a special office, namely the building that is now being used by the West Java Environmental Service on Naripan Street City of Bandung.

    "The first biggest prize is that we will give an office on Naripan Street as a fragrant command center. Now this is where all the decisions will be made and taken there," Emil explained.

    Another thing that was set was a budget problem. According to Kang Emil the budget for Citarum is fragrant 2019 around Rp. 600 billion.

    "We are waiting from the central government, half of it is for the TNI, because the TNI takes the most serious portion of the return of ecosystems. The next is there is silting of the area in the Bojongsoang area. we can be ready to show from the dirty to the good, from the river far from human activity to the river full of human activities, "he explained. (Even)

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