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    The Government Will Fix Damaged Houses Due to Rancaekek Tornado


    BANDUNG REGENCY, West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil, reviewed the victims of the tornado wind disaster at the Jelegong village disaster management post, Rancaekek, Bandung Regency, Monday (01/14/19). Arrival of the Governor together with the Chairperson of the TP PKK Prov. West Java, Atalia Praratya, and accompanied by the Deputy Regent of Bandung, Gungun Gunawan, in addition to providing moral support also handed over logistical assistance and home renovations which were destroyed by a tornado last Friday.

    "Today I am here to give moral support and sympathize. I also bring symbolic aid according to needs and help be distributed fairly. After that we speed up repairing damaged houses," said Emil, the Governor's nickname.

    Emil asked the District Head of Rancaekek to re-record in detail the houses that were severely damaged, moderate and mild. It will reconstruct damaged houses, most of which are on the roof.

    "For those with damaged roofs, we will help with roof tiles, then the subdistrict head must calculate which roof damage is moderate and mild, the funds will be adjusted to the needs," Emil said.

    "We indeed have an unexpected budget like those who have been assisted in the city of Bogor with a similar incident," he continued.

    West Java BPBD noted that tornadoes that hit the Rancaekek area occurred in the villages of Bojongloa, Jelegong village, Rancaekek Wetan village and Kecana village. It was reported that 738 houses were damaged with a total of 753 family heads. The total casualties reached 2567 people, 1 seriously injured who is still being treated in RSHS and 7 people have been allowed to go home.

    "I appreciate Bandung's Provincial and Regency BPBDs which are responsive and alert," Emil said.

    Emil revealed, West Java people need to be aware of natural disasters, especially tornadoes, which are difficult to predict. Usually tornadoes occur in the lowlands such as rice fields.

    "The signs are usually the weather and temperature are changing drastically, people must be vigilant," he explained. In West Java every year there are no less than 1500 natural disasters or 100 times a month and that means 3 times a day. "We live in a beautiful world but also have the potential for natural occurrences, so we have to use knowledge," said Emil.

    In his review of the village of Jelegong, Emil also found public complaints, especially those living in the Permata Permai Complex II area, that floods often occur due to the drainage system not running in the complex.

    "I will call the developer to improve drainage and public facilities, if we cannot afford the facilities, leave it to us, we will asphalt and make a big culvert," Emil said.

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