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    Pentahelix, Five Elements of Development Strength in West Java


    BANDUNG - The development strength of a country or region needs to be supported by all existing elements. It Can not accelerate development can only be done by one party. Then came the concept of 'pentahelix' development in which elements of the government, community, academics, entrepreneurs, and the media united to build togetherness in development.

    "Building human civilization cannot be done by one element. In the theory of change there is the term 'pentahelix', 'penta' is five and the 'helix' is braid," said West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil in his opening speech at the Muhammadiyah Regional Leadership Conference (Musypimwil) West Java at Grand Asrilia Hotel,Pelajar Pejuang Street, Bandung City, Saturday (12/1/19).

    The government element has political power to formulate a policy through decisions. While the community or community is called social power. This is where the role of Muhammadiyah is expected to be involved in the development process in West Java.

    "Muhammadiyah with its strength, its Islamic brotherhood presents change. Not only preaching from the religious side, but muamalah community became the most positive image of the Muhammadiyah movement, "said Emil, Ridwan Kamil's nickname.

    "Thirdly, there are academics. Through the power of knowledge power, presenting knowledge that presents life is faster, cheaper, more functional," he explained.

    The fourth element of pentahelix, namely business people or entrepreneurs. However, Emil stressed that business people here need to understand the Pancasila, so that there is concern for social justice. If our economy is not Pancasila based it is feared that capitalists will emerge who do not care about social justice in society.

    "The last (fifth element) in pentahelix is ??media," Emil said.

    For this reason, Emil requested the participation of Muhammadiyah in the development process in West Java. He considered the West Java Provincial Government and Muhammadiyah equal. Moreover Muhammadiyah has economic, social, and academic strength.

    "We make up one fifth of the changes with one-fifth of the changes in Muhammadiyah. In addition, Muhammadiyah has social and economic strength as well as academics. So, actually three-fifths have been present at the Muhammadiyah organization, "he said.

    The Muhammadiyah West Java Musypimwil was attended by West Java Muhammadiyah leaders, West Java's Aisyiyah leader, West Java Muhammadiyah regional leaders, as well as chancellors or heads of universities under the auspices of Muhammadiyah. The Musypimwil this time will discuss public relations programs in West Java, such as the management of waqf land, the acceleration of the construction of infrastructure and educational facilities, the economic empowerment of the people, and disaster management programs.

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