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    West Java-Korea Will Collaborate For International Coffee Schools


    BANDUNG - The Regional Government of West Java Province encourages the promotion of coffee as well as tourism in West Java to be more global through the International Coffee School. West Java will cooperate with Korea to establish this coffee school.

    West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil said, this school would stand in the mountainous area of ??West Java. Because besides providing education about coffee, through this coffee school, it is expected to be a means of promoting the natural beauty of West Java to the world.

    "There are two things you want to marry, namely the promotion of West Java coffee to the world and tourism promotion," said Emil, Ridwan Kamil's nickname when met after meeting with Mr. Dong Cheol Yoon, President of Sung Kyul University from South Korea who is also the representative of the International Coffee Association in Pakuan Building, Jl. Otto Iskandardinata No. 1, Bandung City, Friday (11/1/19).

    "One of the most ready is an international coffee school with networking from Korea. Because these Koreans are Asian coffee enthusiasts whose index is one of the highest, "he continued.

    The West Java Provincial Government will look for three mountainous locations with interesting natural scenery as the location of this school. Emil hopes that through this coffee school it will improve the quality of West Java coffee while at the same time encouraging the economy of the community.

    "Hopefully this will strengthen the quality of our coffee. So, developed economies, advanced coffee brands, advanced tourism, and Korea turned out to be the first, so hopefully in six months we can officially launch the coffee school, "Emil hoped.

    According to Emil, if West Java coffee gets more appreciation from the world indirectly it will become a means of promotion. That way the original West Java coffee production will increase.

    "So that more coffee orders and the knowledge of local coffee are also getting better, so the coffee is getting more extraordinary," Emil said.

    Emil added, he deliberately invited Korea to establish this coffee school in West Java. With hope in Korea there will be a special outlet or cafe that sells coffee from West Java.

    "I allow to make the school while there is an obligation to make cafes in South Korea with 100% West Java coffee. If this is achieved, God willing, tourism promotion can, knowledge can be, and so forth, "he said.

    As one of the countries that has the highest coffee lovers in Asia, Korea provides a critique of the taste of West Java coffee. Emil said, according to Koreans our coffee farmers are still mistaken in mixing ripe coffee beans with raw coffee beans. This creates a feeling that is not uniform.

    "From the time of picking to drying and being green bean, there are still many mistakes, one of which is found that farmers are still picking the ripe and not ripe mixed, so that the taste is not uniform. It's delicious at the start, wry at the end. I guess so, "explained Emil on the same occasion.

    "But if it's from the green bean process to roasting and so on, it's considered good," he continued.

    Meanwhile, the West Java Chamber of Commerce sees the coffee school as presenting a new face for the West Java tourism industry through coffee with export targets. In addition, West Java will also have the opportunity to become a coffee study center as well as a coffee tourist spot.

    "The world if you want good coffee will come here (West Java). So West Java has become an educational center for coffee through the tourism with a target to increase coffee exports in West Java, "said West Java Kadin management, Darningsih Rustiadji after he accompanied Mr. Dong Cheol Yoon meets Emil.

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