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    Fee of Rp. 16,800, Workers in West Java Can Have Employment BPJS


    BANDUNG - The level of membership of BPJS Employment in West Java in general is still relatively low. For this reason, the Regional Government of West Java Province will encourage workers - both formal and informal - to have future guarantees through the participation of BPJS Employment at a cost of Rp. 16,800 per month.

    West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil revealed this after attending the West Java Provincial Social Security Award Award 2018 in the West Hall of Gedung Sate, Diponegoro Street No. 22, Bandung City, Friday night (11/1/19).

    "In general (the participation of BPJS Employment in West Java) is still low, so we will be creative promotions in order to increase participation," said Emil, Ridwan Kamil's nickname.

    "Anyone who works in Indonesia if they want a quiet day, if they want, when there is a problem there is only a protection to pay just Rp. 16,000, then it will be protected," he continued.

    Creative promotion will be carried out through additional benefits provided to workers who have become participants in the BPJS Employment. In addition to various guarantees or retirees, Emil's innovations, such as BPJS Employment participants, can have free housing and public transportation services for formal workers, up to affordable food prices.

    "In the end, by paying, we can get discounts, get facilities, and finally be more prosperous because we can save," Emil said.

    "But specifically for formal workers, we encourage these companies to invest later. BPJS Employment will make a way so that formal participants can have a priority or flat housing, can ride free vehicles in general," he continued.

    Emil added that he had an innovation program to improve the welfare of workers in West Java. Emil will require companies to provide housing facilities close to the location or place of work.

    "What makes the workers expensive - the concept that I will dismantle is, the factory is too far from where he lives," explained Emil.

    "Then later in the new industries in my day, I will make rules if the factory has to have one package with the apartment being attached to one side, so there is no transportation cost," he said.

    This effort is supported by the BPJS Employment Region of West Java Province. BPJS Employment Deputy Director of the West Java Province Kuswahyudi supports various breakthrough steps that will be carried out by the Governor of West Java to improve the welfare of workers in West Java, especially through BPJS Employment.

    "Later we will do something related to how so that they (workers) are interested in becoming participants in the BPJS Employment. The benefits can be and other things can be through ease and mercy, "said Kuswahyudi.

    Because he stressed, that all programs in BPJS Employment both related to contributions would later be developed and would return to workers.

    The potential of informal workers in West Java reaches 10 million employees, but those participating in the new BPJS Employment are around 600 thousand workers.

    "So we will make it later so that they are interested in the price of the contribution of Rp. 16,800 with two guarantees, accident and death. If retirement is worth more, "said Kuswahyudi.

    While the number of formal workers who have become BPJS Employment participants in West Java amounts to approximately 4.6 million workers. If the total number of both formal and informal workers who have become BPJS Employment participants is around 5.4 million workers out of the 20 million workers in West Java.

    "So Mr. Governor (Ridwan Kamil) is determined how we can informally not to provide socialization so that they want to (become participants in the BPJS Employment)," he said.

    Meanwhile, the awarding ceremony for the West Java Provincial Social Security Award 2018 gave awards for three categories, namely: District / City Regional Government Categories, Large and Medium Enterprises, and Small and Micro Enterprises.

    Winner of the Regional Level of Regency / City Regional Government of West Java Province in 2018, namely:
    First Winner: Bekasi City,
    Second Place: Bogor City,
    Winner III: City of Bandung,
    First Champion: Sukabumi City, and
    Champion II: City of Cimahi.

    Winners of the Large and Medium Enterprises category, namely:
    First Winner: Yutaka MFG Indonesia from Bekasi Regency,
    Second Place: Kartika Paramedika from Sukabumi City,
    Third Place: Chitose International from Cimahi City,
    First Champion: Gracia Pharmindo from Sumedang Regency,
    Second Place Winner: Sankei Gohsyu Industries from Bekasi Regency, and
    Champion III: Jafpa Confeed Indonesia from Bekasi City.

    Winner of the Small and Micro Business category: Martabak Air Mancur from Bogor City.

    All winners receive trophies, award certificates, and coaching money for the First Champion of Rp 30 million, Second Place Rp 25 million, and Third Place Rp 20 million. While the winners of the Small and Micro Business Category receive coaching money of Rp 20 million.

    In addition, the winners will also be included in the National Level Social Security Award Award in mid-January.

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