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    The number of BPJS Employment Participants in West Java is Still Low


    BANDUNG-The total number of workers in West Java, both formal and non-formal, 10 million more, currently there are only around 5 millions of workers who have become BPJS employment participants or BPJS Naker. This was revealed by the Deputy Director of BPJS Employment Jabar Kuswahyudi in Gedung Sate Friday night (1/12/2019), after giving BPJS Employment Employment Social Security 2018.

    "So we need to continue to spur the increase in the number of participants. One of the efforts is this, giving awards to regions and companies that have played an active role in increasing the number of participants in 2018," he said.

    Kuswahyudi admitted that there were still district districts in the city that did not encourage participation, nor did the company itself.

    "Yes, there are still naughty ones but the numbers are not many, just need a more approach. But what is really expected is the role of the regional government where the company is located, both in the form of regulations and direct appeals," he said.

    On that occasion, Kuswahyudi welcomed the proposal of West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil about the way and style of membership participation.

    "It is worth thinking about, with the simple language that Kang Emil said earlier, for example, with only 16 thousand you can get housing, transportation, cheap basic needs services, etc.," said Kuswahyudi.

    Previously in his remarks at the same event West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil or Kang Emil said that there must be innovations to reduce the burden on workers, for example flats built in the work area, free transportation or transportation, and cheap basic needs for workers who have become BPJS Employment participants. (Even)

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