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    Emil Offered to be Marketing BPJS Employment


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil or familiarly called Kang Emil offered to be the 'marketing' of the West Java BPJS Employment. The emotion was revealed by Kang Emil during his remarks at the West Java BPJS Employment Award at Gedung Sate, Friday night (1/12/2019).

    "There must be an interesting style and way to invite workers to become BPJS participants. I am ready to make the marketing later. I will make the language a more interesting invitation," he said, applauding the audience.

    Because according to Kang Emil, if you use ordinary language and methods, people or entrepreneurs who give work tend not to be interested in becoming participants.

    "If only by mentioning the benefits that will be obtained, it is normal. There must be language and ways to make them more shocked and finally interested in becoming participants," Emil said.

    In the awarding ceremony the category of regional government and companies that received awards were announced, including the City of Bekasi, ranking first, the second city of Bogor and the third city of Bandung. (Even)

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