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    Police Chief Invited his Members to the Mosque Frequently


    BANDUNG-West Java Regional Police Chief Inspector General Agung Budi Maryoto said that the current synergy of the police with various parties must continue. The aim is to create a conducive security climate ahead of the 2019 Presidential Election.

    He taught all its members to the level of the Sub-District Police to actively visit houses of worship, according to their religious beliefs. For those who are Muslim, he requested that the authorities often pray in congregation at the mosque.

    "You have to go down to meet the community, pray at the mosque, but still wear a uniform. We have to be close to the community," he said at the West Java Regional Police Headquarters, Jalan Sukarno Hatta Bandung, Friday (11/1).

    He said the apparatus must embrace community leaders and ulama to be able to jointly create a conducive atmosphere.

    The same was conveyed by the Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil.

    "Agreeing with the Regional Police Chief, you have to start diligently interacting with worshipers in the mosque, sunset or at dawn in congregation," he said.

    According to him, it is very good if the police ranks are diligently in touch with community leaders. Because then it will be known what the community wants and at the same time ask for input from local community leaders. Through scholars and community leaders, they can also invite the poor to improve their economy so they do not continue to receive assistance.

    "You have to go up to class, don't ask for it. I prefer the social assistance budget to be reduced, meaning that the community will prosper," he said.

    "We just listen, people are happy, especially when invited to discuss community issues," the governor added. Jo

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