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    Secretary of Iwa Reveals Strategy to Press Inflation in West Java


    BANDUNG-Regional Secretary (Secretary) of West Java Province, Iwa Karniwa said according to BPS (Central Bureau of Statistics) data inflation in West Java reached 3.54 percent.

    Furthermore, if inflation is out of control it will have an impact on decreasing people's purchasing power, decreasing investment, reducing competitiveness, increasing poverty and unemployment. So that it will eventually reduce the Human Development Index (HDI).

    This was conveyed by Iwa when opening the Regional Inflation Control Team (TPID) Coordination Meeting in 2019 in the Gedung Sate Papandayan Room on Friday (11/01/19).

    Iwa also said that this was caused by several things. First, rice is the main ingredient of food. Where there is a climate anomaly in 2018 which makes the rice planting period delay so that it affects the harvest period.

    "The solution is that the West Java Provincial Government and Bulog carry out daily market operations. So on average, 10 trucks, about 1,000 tons, are poured into the community," said Iwa.

    The next step, said Iwa, is by encouraging regional-owned business entities to support capital for farmers.

    Second, there are suggestions in the new academic year 2019 at the West Java Provincial Education Office to conduct an upper limit evaluation regarding contributions from parents, both private and public. So that the funds are controlled, because this fund is one of the contributors to inflation that is quite high.

    Then the third, Iwa said, will also try to raise chicken egg and chicken meat commodities. Through digity farming and strengthening in center distribution.

    "Therefore, Alhamdulillah, in 2019 we will have a main market for support from the central government. We don't have a wholesale market like Jakarta," he said.

    "The fourth is about transportation costs," he said.

    He has directed the Transportation Office of West Java Province to encourage the distribution of goods. So that there is a smooth trading system between producers to consumers.

    "For gas and fuel, I have requested the ESDM Office of West Java Province. To coordinate with Pertamina if it is lacking," he explained.

    Uniquely, the last one, Iwa explained that infrastructure is the driver of inflation in West Java. Where massive infrastructure encourages an increase in wages for non-foremen, it means that they are in the hands of people.

    For this reason, Iwa said that the tasks of the TPID were in accordance with Presidential Decree Number 23 Year 2017. Among them were monitoring and evaluating the control and achievement of regional inflation targets.

    He continued, by coordinating and synchronizing in planning, controlling and achieving the inflation target in accordance with the targets set by the government.

    So it is expected that Iwa, the affordability of prices, the availability of supplies, the smooth distribution and effective communication with various parties.

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